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We help shape policies to ensure vaccines are available where they are most needed.

How advocacy furthers development and delivery of vaccines

Developing new vaccine approaches and technologies is not enough to protect children and families from infection and disease. We must work at the global, national, and community levels to create and shape policies that ensure safe, effective, and affordable vaccines are available where they are most needed.

To accomplish this, PATH provides policymakers and advocates with scientific evidence of the impact of vaccines and their critical role in child health. Our evidence-based advocacy helps inform government policies, deliver on the promise of new vaccines, improve the systems that support immunization, and extend the benefit of vaccination to all.

Informing policies with science

We provide research, technical experts, and best practices to government and other decision-makers to ensure that policies are grounded in science.

We provide research results, technical experts, and best practices to government and other decision-makers to ensure that global health policies are grounded in science. Using information collected in the laboratory and in the field by medical and research professionals, we add our voice to global conversations on topics ranging from vaccine safety to the United Nations’ global strategy for improving the health of women and children.

Supporting research, development, and introduction

PATH encourages governments and other stakeholders to invest in new vaccines for diseases that disproportionately affect poor countries. We share information with legislators in donor countries, staff at government agencies, and other policymakers on the impact and results of vaccine research and development as well as on the cost-effectiveness of vaccines. Our work on the development of a new meningitis vaccine, introduced in sub-Saharan Africa in December 2010, shows how innovative partnerships and thoughtful investments can create an affordable vaccine, saving both lives and money.

Charting the route to immunization

Laxmi holding her infant son, Nikhil.

Laxmi's care for her son Nikhil's health is supported by home health visits and an improved immunization system. Read their story.

We advocate for funding and system improvements that will help deliver vaccines to children and families in developing countries. Our expertise includes vaccine introduction, routine immunization, innovations in supply chains and logistics, and integration of vaccines with other health interventions.

Through Project Optimize, for example, PATH gives decision-makers access to our research and technologies so they can improve their countries’ vaccine distribution systems. We inform policymakers about new technologies, like battery-free solar refrigerators, and innovative approaches, like electronic immunization registries, that can save resources as well as expand the reach and scope of their immunization programs.

Extending immunization to all

We are partnering with the Decade of Vaccines Collaboration to support the development of a global vaccine action plan that will help break down some of the barriers that have prevented equitable access to immunization in the past. This public-private collaboration will ultimately increase coordination across the international vaccine community to build on successes in discovery, development, and delivery of lifesaving vaccines.

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