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A Healthy Dose provides quarterly updates on our work to develop and ensure availability and accessibility of safe and effective new medicines for diseases disproportionately affecting people in developing countries. The e-newsletter offers news on our research efforts, product development milestones, partnerships, and other activities and related resources.

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December 2014

  • Dr. David Shoultz to lead drug development at PATH
  • Clinical update: HIV PrEP
  • Commemorating Global Handwashing Day and World Toilet Day
  • International Artemisinin Conference
  • HIV Research for Prevention
  • GAPPD: Why tackle diarrhea and pneumonia together?

August 2014

  • First batches of ACTs made with semisynthetic artemisinin are on the way to reaching patients
  • New video: Defeat diarrheal disease? Together, we’ve got it covered.
  • Grant enables PATH to expand search for drugs against diarrhea
  • Voices from our team and partners
  • #StepUp4Women Twitter chat
  • South San Francisco summer BBQ
  • Ending preventable child and maternal deaths
  • What does “cross-sector partnership” really mean?

May 2014

  • Thanks for joining #DefeatMalaria!
  • The #DefeatMalaria blog series
  • New resources!
  • World Malaria Day 2014
  • HIV/AIDS conferences
  • Speaking to the American Medical Writer’s Association
  • Digestive Disease Week
  • Why semisynthetic?

February 2014

  • Hemingway-inspired drug development
  • Antisecretory drug candidate advances
  • New ORS formulations identified
  • Innovation. Transformation. Inspiration.
  • CEND Annual Symposium
  • Capitol Hill briefing at ASTMH
  • Conference tackles intellectual property
  • What are the shortcomings of ORS for diarrheal disease treatment?
  • Submissions to PATH’s Drug Development program blog

November 2013

  • Advancing HIV prevention through partnerships
  • DfID invests in PATH partnership to address deadly diseases
  • Rep. Jacqueline Speier visits PATH office
  • Elimination and eradication of malaria the focus at MIM
  • Dr. Eugenio de Hostos at Stanford
  • SOCAP13 in San Francisco
  • Workshop focuses on drug safety
  • Examining revised guidelines for kala-azar in Nepal
  • Failing early: why it’s a good thing
  • We want to hear from you!

July 2013

  • WHO prequalifies ssART
  • Development of iOWH032 continues
  • Expanding research to treat deadly diarrhea
  • Launching commercial production of ssART
  • Advancing oral rehydration solution
  • Protecting kids from worms in India
  • Semisynthetic artemisinin launch
  • Child health congressional briefing
  • World Malaria Day
  • Dr. Robert Choy at UCSF
  • #LetsTalkDiarrhea contest winner
  • What is semisynthetic artemisinin?

April 2013

  • From the lab to the factory floor
  • Key malaria drug derivative reaches industrial scale
  • Antisecretory drug candidate to enter next clinical phase
  • Strengthening local clinical research in India
  • Discovery program gets boost from Novartis
  • Artemisinin Conference 2013
  • PDP Access Group
  • #LetsTalkDiarrhea contest
  • Renewing US leadership in global health
  • Dr. Eugenio de Hostos speaks at Santa Clara
  • A closer look at iOWH032

Summer 2011 (7.19 MB PDF)

  • Malaria: progress and impact
  • Updates on our global initiatives: cholera and diarrheal diseases, kala-azar, malaria, helminthes, access program
  • Latest OWH publications
  • Advocacy initiatives

Spring 2010 (6.3 MB PDF)

  • Shivam’s road to recovery
  • Ayesha’s affordable treatment
  • 91,000 individuals screened for study
  • Who’s who at iOWH?
  • Kenneth Cole event
  • World Water Day 2010
  • World Malaria Day 2010
  • Aid from the United Kingdom
  • iOWH to help eliminate neglected disease in Bangladesh and Nepal

Fall 2009 (2.5 MB PDF)

  • Saving lives and restoring health in Bihar, India
  • Biking the ‘End to End’ in support of OneWorld Health
  • Local Indian treatment clinic thanks OneWorld Health

Spring 2009 (967 KB PDF)

  • Overcoming obstacles to provide access to treatment in India
  • Thank you, Ahvie Herskowitz, iOWH co-founder
  • iOWH advocates for global public health
  • iOWH in the New York Times
  • Introducing leishmaniasis worldwide eco-epidemiology DVD
  • Program updates: visceral leishmaniasis, malaria, gastrointestinal diseases

Summer 2008 (1.4 MB PDF)

  • iOWH makes strides in development of key treatments
  • Saving lives: paromomycin at work
  • BBC World viewers vote film featuring OneWorld Health Year’s best documentary
  • Did you know? The intestinal infection affecting one-third of the world’s population