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Press release | March 01, 2012
Dr. Marie-Pierre Préziosi to be new director of Meningitis Vaccine Project
Press release | March 01, 2012
PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative announces new leader
Announcement | December 22, 2011
Advocating for immunization

African pediatricians urge leaders to make vaccines a priority

Announcement | December 09, 2011
Advocating for malaria control and prevention

Congressional hearing highlights progress against malaria and challenges that remain

Announcement | November 15, 2011
Meningitis vaccine to reach three new countries

Cameroon, Chad, and Nigeria will begin MenAfriVac™ campaigns in December

Announcement | November 08, 2011
The Decade of Vaccines Collaboration

Event highlights effort to extend the benefits of immunization to all

Press release | October 18, 2011
First results from ongoing Phase III trial show malaria vaccine candidate, RTS,S* reduces the risk of malaria by half in African children aged 5 to 17 months

Half the world’s population is at risk of malaria which is responsible for close to 800,000 deaths each year, most of whom are children under five in sub-Saharan Africa

Announcement | October 11, 2011
Fueling innovation in vaccine supply and delivery

Gates Foundation launches call for proposals for novel approaches to optimize immunization systems

Announcement | July 11, 2011
Celebrating successes of vaccination across countries of the Americas

PATH president and CEO briefs regional immunization leaders on global effort to build on vaccine successes

Announcement | June 20, 2011
Focus on vaccines at Pacific Health Summit

PATH joins leaders in global health to examine the future of vaccines

Announcement | June 14, 2011
US, Britain, other donors renew commitment to vaccines

New pledges to the GAVI Alliance aim to save 4 million children by 2015

Announcement | June 13, 2011
Vaccines: the global health miracle

Global health leaders will discuss the power and promise of vaccines at Seattle event

Announcement | June 10, 2011
GAVI donors can save millions of lives

PATH president says support could make possible a world where no child dies of a vaccine-preventable disease

Press release | June 09, 2011
Dramatic fall in cases of meningitis A in three West African nations after new vaccine introduction

New immunization campaigns to protect millions more in 2011; $375 million funding shortfall hindering wider rollout; new analysis projects enormous cost benefit over next decade from adopting new vaccine over existing ones

Announcement | June 08, 2011
Improving access to lifesaving vaccines

Rotavirus vaccine manufacturers offer to cut prices for the world’s poorest countries

Announcement | May 31, 2011
PATH highlighted on Good Morning America

News segment on the new MenAfriVac™ meningitis vaccine aired May 30

Press release | May 11, 2011
Statement from PATH: HPV demonstration project in India
Announcement | March 14, 2011
PATH’s president and CEO responds to critique of the advance market commitment published in Human Vaccines
Announcement | February 15, 2011
New collaborations support PATH’s efforts to evaluate needle-free technologies
Press release | January 20, 2011
Rotavirus vaccines are improving the health and well-being of children by substantially reducing severe and fatal diarrhea

Study findings in a special supplemental issue of The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal demonstrate rotavirus vaccine’s significant impact on reducing childhood diarrheal disease around the world

Press release | December 14, 2010
The PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative, Merck, and NYU Langone Medical Center collaborate to research potential malaria vaccine
Announcement | December 09, 2010
PATH’s president and CEO to lead Decade of Vaccines steering committee
Press release | December 06, 2010
Revolutionary new meningitis vaccine to wipe out deadly epidemics in Africa
Announcement | November 11, 2010
Pushing for progress against pneumonia

Momentum grows on World Pneumonia Day to save children’s lives

Press release | November 09, 2010
Symposium in Vietnam to discuss integrated approach to defeating diarrheal disease, a leading cause of child death worldwide and in the Asian region

Vietnamese Ministry of Health, National Pediatric Hospital, and PATH bring regional health leaders together November 10–11, 2010 to discuss diarrheal disease solutions for Asia

Press release | October 09, 2010
New evidence on rotavirus vaccines in Asia demonstrates significant protection against the most common deadly form of childhood diarrhea
Announcement | September 16, 2010
PATH experts highlight our 30 years of work in vaccine technologies at key meetings in India
Announcement | September 15, 2010
PATH awarded $5.2 million BARDA contract to stabilize pandemic influenza vaccines
Press release | September 01, 2010
Journal of Infectious Diseases special issue reveals significant rotavirus burden among African children

Greater prevalence than previously recorded underscores urgency to increase access to rotavirus vaccines in low-resource settings

Press release | August 02, 2010
Global health advocates, scientists urge African nations to introduce rotavirus vaccine, reduce devastating impact on children
Press release | July 14, 2010
Researchers, health experts from five African countries convene to support advocacy for malaria vaccines
Announcement | March 01, 2010
New publication highlights PATH’s key findings on technical, commercial feasibility of temperature-stable vaccines

An editorial published this month in Human Vaccines describes our progress, achievements, and major lessons learned

Announcement | January 29, 2010
PATH commends the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for their outstanding new commitment to fund vaccine innovation and delivery
Press release | January 28, 2010
New data on rotavirus vaccine from Mexico and Africa show lifesaving impact and effectiveness in the developing world
Press release | November 23, 2009
New Vaccine special edition on rotavirus burden data chronicles a decade of rotavirus surveillance in Asia
Press release | November 05, 2009
New Journal of Infectious Diseases special edition outlines compelling rotavirus burden data and critical need for access to vaccines in high-burden regions
Press release | November 03, 2009
New collaboration with PharmaJet will evaluate needle-free injections for developing-country immunization programs
Press release | October 21, 2009
New report demonstrates power of vaccines and immunizations worldwide
Press release | October 09, 2009
Cambodia launches program to protect children against Japanese encephalitis
Press release | August 03, 2009
PATH develops technology that protects hepatitis B vaccine from heat and freeze damage
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