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We’re rethinking solutions for diarrheal disease, a preventable and treatable condition that still claims the lives of 2,000 children each year.

Still from 'Envision a World Without Malaria' video.


Envision a World Without Malaria

Malaria sickens millions every year. But we've got the tools to stop it.

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Above Zero: Strategies to Prevent Vaccine Freezing
Maintaining proper temperatures in the vaccine cold chain.

Better Nutrition for Life
Ultra Rice® “grains” look so much like rice, it’s hard to tell they are there.

Changing Behavior, Changing Lives
How interactive theater helps stop HIV.

Changing the Face of Global Health
Ordinary people work with PATH to make families in India healthier.

Coming Home, Staying Safe
PATH in Thailand and Cambodia with migrant workers and their families.

A Common Disease, A Promising Solution
No child should die of diarrhea, and with rotavirus vaccines they don't have to.

A Cup, a Corner, a Community
Kenyans use easy, affordable methods to treat and defeat diarrhea.

Envision a World Without Malaria
Malaria sickens millions every year. But we’ve got the tools to stop it.

We’re on a journey to put health within reach for all.

From Innovation to Impact
PATH at work in India.

Generation Without Fear
The Meningitis Vaccine Project could end epidemic meningitis in Africa.

Giving Children a Brighter Future
Strengthening immunization in India.

Health and Hope
Every life matters.

Health Within Reach
No matter where you are or where you’re born.

Hope for a Young Mother
Pranita’s story.

I Am
Vaccines help millions of children make it to their futures.

I Will
Commitments in Africa to fight malaria.

Introduction to PATH
Our work to improve health around the world.

Kill or Cure? Malaria trailer
Two teams, one goal: a vaccine against the deadly malaria parasite.

Let's Talk About It
Diarrhea is the second leading killer of children around the world.

A New Cambodia
PATH and the Cambodian government break down barriers to immunization.

A New Vaccine for Africa
Protection against meningitis arrives in Burkina Faso.

One Life at a Time
The world’s smartest sticker saves lives in Kenya.

PATH’s Idea Factory
A video tour of PATH’s technology shop and lab.

Preparing for Malaria Vaccines
Bridging the worlds of science and policymaking.

Protecting Women from Risk
Helping sex workers protect themselves from HIV.

Ray of Hope
In Kenya, PATH helps girls who marry as teens care for themselves and their families.

Real Progress for a New Generation
In Nicaragua, hospital diarrhea wards are now empty, thanks to lifesaving rotavirus vaccine.

Shadow Lives
The human toll of Japanese encephalitis.

A Simple Innovation to Save Newborn Lives
Preventing umbilical cord infection with chlorhexidine.

Stories of Hope From Nicaragua
Cervical cancer prevention, diarrhea control, and violence prevention in Latin America.

Technology to Save Mothers
Preventing postpartum hemorrhage.

World Without Meningitis
A new vaccine could end a century of meningitis A epidemics in sub-Saharan Africa.

Photo from 'Fast TB diagnosis' slideshow.


Fast TB diagnosis helps save lives in India

Improving diagnostics and lab safety means faster treatment for a highly contagious disease.

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Children imagine life without meningitis
Students in Burkina Faso draw the world with and without the disease that has left many of them hearing-impaired.

Fast TB diagnosis helps save lives in India
Tuberculosis—even drug-resistant varieties—can usually be cured, but time is of the essence.

Hope for an end to epidemic meningitis
Portraits from the history-making vaccination campaign in Burkina Faso.

The hunt for malaria
In Zambia, we're tracking and treating every malaria infection.

In Tanzania, telling the story of TB–HIV
“Photovoice” photos taken by people in integrated treatment for TB and HIV.

Landmark campaign to protect India's children
Vaccination against Japanese encephalitis.

Lifesaving solutions to protect Nicaragua’s children
Rotavirus vaccine prevents severe diarrhea, saves lives.

Mike Wang: documenting PATH’s work
A staff member discovers new meaning in the art of photography.

Nurse Emily uses a foil pouch to save lives
Preventing mother-to-child-transmission of HIV.

Our reach in vaccines
Vaccine development and delivery to reach communities most in need.

Safe water for Vavilala
Microfinance helps women provide their communities with clean drinking water.

Technologies for vaccines
Innovation to ensure vaccines are safe and effective in low-resource settings.

Ukraine fights a new threat from an old foe: tuberculosis
Increasing services and decreasing stigma to combat a reemerging epidemic.

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Health technologies for a world in need
Our product portfolio brings health within reach, no matter where people live.

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