Factory workers attaching vaccine vial monitors to vials of vaccine.

Vaccine technologies that stand up to the toughest conditions

In the developing world, vaccines make an arduous journey. An individual vial may travel on a lengthy cargo flight from a manufacturing plant in northern Europe to Africa, where it continues inside a truck over dusty highways and rural roads to finally arrive at a remote clinic with unreliable electricity and scant refrigeration. Lots of things can go awry before these important medicines reach the families who need them.

Once vaccines do arrive at their destination, other issues arise. Are there sufficient devices, such as syringes, to administer them? Are those devices sterile and safe to use? Are needles disposed of appropriately to prevent disease transmission? Do health workers have sufficient training?

PATH combines ingenuity with decades of work in immunization to tackle these challenges and reach new frontiers. Creative solutions—like temperature-stable formulations that protect vaccines from the inside out, needle-free injections, and solar-powered refrigerators—are effective under the tough conditions found in developing countries.

With dedication and skill, we can invent our way to a better future.

Photo: Umit Kartoglu.

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