This year, PATH celebrates 30 years of partnering to improve health in Vietnam. Since 1980, we have collaborated with a diverse range of partners, from government ministries to nongovernmental organizations to the private sector, to tackle a variety of health issues in the country.

PATH began working in Vietnam to ensure couples had access to condoms for family planning. In 1997, we opened a permanent office in Hanoi, growing our national presence and broadening our focus from contraceptive technologies to a range of health issues, including vaccines and immunizations; reproductive, maternal, and child health; health technologies; and emerging and epidemic diseases.

Through our alliances, we are able to leverage public and private resources, increase human and financial capital, and maximize opportunities to influence public policy and scale up effective programs. These partnerships continue to be vital to the success and sustainability of our work in Vietnam.

“For three decades, PATH has had the special privilege of working with local and international partners to improve the health of the Vietnamese people,” said Mona Byrkit, director of PATH’s Vietnam country program. “We are grateful for our strong partnerships, such as those we have with the Ministry of Health, and look forward to continuing our work in Vietnam.”

Our current projects in the country include enhancing the role of pharmacies in community health care, piloting safe water treatment and household water storage, increasing private-sector capacity to detect and treat tuberculosis, and strengthening the country’s immunization system, among many others.

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Posted December 8, 2010.