Nurse Doma Guere


Long days on the way to ending epidemics

It takes dedicated health workers to get a vaccine to a village.

Julien Bonboungou


A new vaccine’s powerful potential

MenAfriVac® may one day mean the end of epidemic meningitis in Africa.

Marc LaForce

PATH personality

“We have to press on”

After witnessing one young man’s illness, Dr. Marc LaForce became more committed than ever to defeating meningitis.

Still from 'Generation Without Fear' video.


Generation Without Fear

The Meningitis Vaccine Project could end epidemic meningitis in Africa.

Still from 'A New Vaccine for Africa' video.


A New Vaccine for Africa

Protection against meningitis arrives in Burkina Faso.

Still from 'World Without Meningitis' video.


World Without Meningitis

A new vaccine could end a century of meningitis A epidemics in sub-Saharan Africa.

Child's drawing showing a circle of happy, meningitis-free people holding hands.


Children imagine life without meningitis

Students draw the world with and without the disease that has left many of them hearing-impaired.

Young girl holding her vaccination record.


Hope for an end to epidemic meningitis

Portraits from the history-making vaccination campaign in Burkina Faso.