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PATH Partners make their commitment to global health a part of daily life. Become a PATH Partner today.

Sustaining support for global health

One of the things that makes PATH’s work sustainable is our partnerships: with the people we serve, with the governments of the countries where they live, with researchers, with other global health organizations around the world.

In this network of partners, our monthly donors are a powerful and sustaining thread. With your monthly gift, you’re offering your partnership to all those who share your commitment—providing ongoing support for innovative work in AIDS, malaria, and the health of women and children in the poorest countries, among many other issues.

Wondering exactly what that means? Take a look at the faces on this page. Each of these women—Pranita Ingole, a mother in India; Gladys Wambu, a nurse in Kenya; and Samith Hou, from PATH’s team in Cambodia—has transformed the commitment of our donors into real change for herself and her country.

Pranita Ingole

Pranita Ingole is a young mother living in a slum on the border of one of India's largest cities.

For Pranita, your partnership means giving birth in a hospital, with experienced care, instead of at home and alone.

Gladys Wambu

Gladys Wambu works as a nurse in Kenya, where every day she stretches a limited supply of vaccine to reach the greatest number of children.

For Gladys, your partnership means giving the children at her clinic the basic protection of immunization.

Join Pranita, Gladys, and others like them. Become a PATH Partner today.

An extraordinary everyday commitment

Becoming a PATH Partner is also a practical decision, a way to make your commitment to global health a part of daily life:

  • The Partners program is a good way to budget for giving. You can easily set an amount to be charged to your credit card each month.
  • Partners are always up to date on how their money is used. As a Partner, you’ll receive a monthly update on one of PATH’s groundbreaking programs.
  • Through PATH Partners, you can easily track your giving. As a Partner, you’ll receive monthly receipts via email and an annual summary of your giving to help with tax preparation.
  • PATH Partners help us stay efficient and effective. Consistent monthly gifts cut postage, paper, and administrative costs.

Photos, from top: Siri Wood, Satvir Malhotra, Wendy Stone, PATH.