PATH donor Mary Carhart.

PATH’s donors share our vision: a world where health is within reach for all. Photo: Heng Chivoan.

Stories from our supporters

Everyone has their own reason for giving, whether it be an eye-opening trip, an encouraging result, or a commitment to change. In these stories, our supporters talk about what inspired them to engage with PATH and what they’re doing to change the lives of people around the world.

Brian Arbogast and Valerie Tarico
In work and giving, a couple helps to create a world where parents are ready to celebrate their children.

Morgan Burdick
What do the challenges of global health look like to an American teenager? Morgan Burdick found out on a trip to PATH’s projects in Cambodia and Thailand.

Diana Carey
As the world faces tough economic times, Diana Carey thinks it’s especially important to give. She and her family have firsthand experience with PATH’s work.

Charles Dorner and Srilata Remala
At their wedding, Charles Dorner and Srilata Remala shared their commitment to each other—and their commitment to making an impact through PATH.

Brenda Flynn
Brenda Flynn was inspired to support PATH after giving birth to her youngest son, Thane.

Ann Hayes
Volunteering as a pediatrician in Uganda changed Ann Hayes’s life and led to her involvement with PATH as a Catalyst Circle donor.

Jay Ingram
Jay Ingram is a computer programmer in Michigan—and a committed member of PATH’s network of partners.

The Jejurikar family
A visit to a PATH project in the slums of India ignited a spark in all five members of the Jejurikar family.

Lora Kaiser
Because she believes in the importance of supporting the global community, Lora Kaiser is showing her son how to contribute to worldwide change.

Bryan and Martha Kim
Once undergraduates studying computer science, Bryan and Martha Kim have become champions of PATH and global health.

Aeron Noe and Jacob Grotta
Aeron Noe and Jacob Grotta are doing their part to make a difference in communities throughout the world . . . and instill the same principle of giving in their own children.

Erick and Marta Rabins
By supporting PATH Futures, Erick and Marta Rabins are making sure their generation leaves a mark on history that they can be proud of.

Miriam Sevy
“Kenyan kids deserve no less than this.” Miriam Sevy has learned just how much PATH’s work means to Kenya and to her.

Jon Younger
What happened when a PATH project hit a roadblock? This donor got even more interested.