A mother, her two young children, and a nurse preparing a vaccination at an outdoor portable table.

We work across five platforms to improve global health: vaccines, devices, diagnostics, drugs, and systems and service innovations. Photo: PATH/Gabe Bienczycki.

A multidimensional approach to improving global health

Our work spans five platforms that, together, have the potential to solve challenges that stand in the way of better health and greater development for women and children.

Vaccines: a public health success story

PATH accelerates development of vaccines and gets them where they are needed most. We work to address nearly all of the top causes of potentially vaccine-preventable diseases, including malaria, meningitis, pneumococcus, rotavirus, and Japanese encephalitis. We also develop vaccines and strengthen systems that help ensure equal access to childhood immunization.

Still from Imagine a New Day video.

Imagine a new day—where innovation brings health within reach for everyone. Photo: PATH.

Devices: tools to make life better

PATH is known for developing lifesaving health technologies with global impact. From developing a new condom for women to strengthening markets for safe water treatment and storage devices, we identify, adapt, develop, and deliver technologies with the potential to improve health and well-being. Our work on devices includes vaccine technologies to make injections safer and vaccines more viable, innovative products to make childbirth safer, and reproductive health devices to help keep women safe while they plan their families.

Diagnostics: identifying illness to provide timely treatment

We develop affordable, portable, and easy-to-use diagnostics for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, malaria, tuberculosis, diabetes, and neglected tropical diseases like river blindness. Our “point-of-care” diagnostics deliver accurate, rapid, and inexpensive results in settings without access to sophisticated labs.

Drugs: treating diseases that disproportionately affect the poor

We develop drugs to treat diseases affecting people in poor countries, particularly malaria and diarrhea. Our drug development projects include the development of a semisynthetic version of artimisinin, a key ingredient in malaria treatment.

Targeted system and service innovations: bringing it all together

PATH is recognized for our extensive on-the-ground experience in countries across the world as we work with communities to help them introduce and adopt new health solutions and employ proven strategies for improving health. We work with a range of governments, communities, and civil society groups to ensure solutions are appropriate, available, and affordable to those who need them—whether that means preventing and treating diarrheal disease, improving the odds for mothers during childbirth, or promoting better nutrition for infants and young children.