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PATH works with corporate partners across a range of sectors. Our lifesaving solutions address child survival, maternal and reproductive health, and infectious diseases. Photo: PATH/Deborah Atherly.

We create strategic partnerships with the private sector that deliver measurable health impact

PATH is the leading innovator in global health and a pioneer in leveraging the expertise and resources of corporate partners to drive transformative innovation to scale. Find out more from our fast facts.

We partner with some of the world's leading companies to drive innovation to scale.

We are proud to partner with some of the world’s leading companies to develop and deliver new vaccines and drug treatments, breakthrough health technologies, and powerful tools and strategies to improve health and save lives, especially among women and children in Africa and Asia.

PATH works with more than 60 corporate partners across a range of sectors, including companies working in technology, life sciences, financial services, and consumer goods. Our partners include:

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Partnership profiles

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Corporate partners are central to our work

PATH and our partners reached more than 219 million people in 2013 with lifesaving solutions that address child survival, maternal and reproductive health, and infectious diseases. Nearly every project we undertake involves strategic partnerships with the private sector.

Working together, we are solving some of the world’s most urgent health challenges.

  • A historic drop in meningitis cases: With Serum Institute of India Ltd. and the World Health Organization, we developed a vaccine against deadly meningitis A.

Impact: Not a single case of meningitis A among the more than 153 million Africans vaccinated since 2010.

  • A new source of malaria treatment: We convened a global partnership that included Sanofi and Amyris, Inc., to develop a semisynthetic form of the key ingredient in the top malaria treatment.

Impact: Up to 125 million malaria treatments per year.

  • A game changer for vaccinations: The first commercially available autodisable syringe was developed by PATH and licensed to BD.

Impact: More than 6.7 billion vaccinations delivered using SoloShot™ syringes in developing countries since 1990.

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Elaine Gibbons
Executive Director
Corporate Engagement

Our Corporate Engagement team works with companies to create market-based solutions through tailored partnership opportunities that deliver measurable impact. We match each company’s resources and expertise with our unique strengths to accelerate the next generation of lifesaving innovations, creating better health and opportunity for all.

Partnering with PATH is a smart investment that yields significant social impact. Companies choose to work with PATH because of:

  • Our focus on high-impact, large-scale, sustainable approaches—and measurable results.
  • Our proven technical and market expertise.
  • Our history of successful partnership with the private sector that dates from our founding in 1977.
  • Our extensive in-country networks in more than 70 countries around the world.
  • Our international reputation as a trusted and influential convener and translator and our ability to mobilize partners across borders, sectors, and disciplines.

Each partnership is unique, from philanthropic contributions and employee and consumer engagement initiatives to comprehensive, market-based partnerships that create both public health impact and business value.

We work with business units on product assessments and go-to-market strategies, with foundations on community health initiatives, and with corporate affairs on cause marketing and advocacy.

Together, we can drive transformative innovation to scale

Together with our partners, PATH is harnessing the power of innovation in pursuit of a bold ambition: to disrupt the cycle of poor health and poverty and bring health within reach for everyone.

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