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  1. New review of evidence on a single-dose HPV vaccination schedule is published by PATH-led consortium.
    Published: January 2021
    Type: Article
  2. Access to screening and vaccination could significantly reduce HPV-related cancers in a generation. One country recently took an important step to protect their girls from HPV infection and cervical cancer.
    Published: March 2020
    Type: Article
  3. Aisha was wearing her blue school uniform and wiping tears from her face. She’d just been vaccinated, but it wasn’t the shot that upset her. She was crying because her mother died of the very disease she was being protected from—cervical cancer.
    Published: June 2018
    Type: Article
  4. Over the past three decades PATH has witnessed dramatic changes in attitudes about cervical cancer control.
    Published: July 2018
    Type: Article
  5. Liya Wondwossen was only a child when she lost a close family friend to cervical cancer. Today, she’s a driving force behind HPV vaccine access for girls across Ethiopia.
    Published: August 2020
    Type: Article
  6. President and CEO Steve Davis on PATH programs in Uganda and the need for high-quality cancer screening and care.
    Published: August 2014
    Type: Article
  7. Allowing women to collect their own samples for the HPV test makes screening for cervical cancer accessible almost anywhere. For women in low-resource settings this prospect is not only a relief; it’s a potential lifesaver.
    Published: December 2015
    Type: Article
  8. January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month—perhaps the only time of the year that people in Europe and North America give even a passing thought to a disease that, in many low-income countries, kills more women than any other type of cancer.
    Published: January 2013
    Type: Article
  9. Vaccines are one of the most effective global public health interventions ever.
    Published: April 2019
    Type: Article
  10. Empowerment plays a strong role in the treatment of women’s cancers by reducing disparities in health care access.
    Published: January 2016
    Type: Article
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