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MDR-TB Planning Toolkit

The MDR-TB Planning Toolkit is designed to help countries develop or strengthen a multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) component within their national TB strategy or plan. Eight tools contain worksheets to assist the user through key planning steps. The toolkit is available as a Microsoft Word file (for users who wish to modify it) and as an Adobe PDF file (recommended for printing). The worksheets can be filled out on the screen using the full toolkit or the worksheets-only version. The Excel version of Tool 2 has built-in formulas that also generate graphs to show a country’s baseline performance and targets for MDR-TB case detection, enrollment, and successful treatment. (The 2009 MDR/XDR-TB Assessment and Monitoring Tool can be found here.)

Publication date: September 2012

Available materials

    1. MDR-TB Planning Toolkit - Tool 2 162 KB XLS
    2. MDR-TB Planning Toolkit 897 KB PDF
    3. MDR-TB Planning Toolkit 1.6 MB DOC
    4. MDR-TB Planning Toolkit - Worksheets 956.5 KB DOC