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About PATH Advocacy & Policy

At PATH, we know it’s not enough to create solutions to health problems. To truly achieve health equity, we must secure the support of policymakers, advocates, influencers, and citizens to commit the necessary resources and enact policies that bring these solutions to scale.

Our advocacy and policy professionals around the world make sure change-makers have the right support and information to make evidence-based decisions that bring health within reach of everyone. But we don’t stop there—we follow through to ensure accountability for the implementation of policies that are adopted and resources that are committed.


What we do

PATH is an expert in driving last change through policy. For four decades, we have applied our technical expertise and leveraged our influential partnerships with public and private-sector leaders to inform and advocate for action that responds to the health priorities identified by the communities we serve.

We inform policies, mobilize resources, and advocate for actions that will lead to lasting positive change with a focus on:

  • Reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health and nutrition to help women, families and communities thrive.
  • Immunization that reaches every child to protect them from serious illnesses and deadly diseases.
  • Health innovation to develop and take new technologies to scale, whether they are vaccines, drugs, diagnostics, or system innovations including data and digital tools.
  • Elimination and control of diseases including infectious and noncommunicable diseases and neglected tropical diseases.
  • Preparedness to fight emerging health threats and end pandemics.
  • Access to essential medicines and technologies for all that are affordable, appropriate, and quality-assured.

How we do it

We apply technical expertise and programmatic evidence to inform policies and carry out advocacy strategies. Specifically, we:

  • Analyze and develop policies
  • Engage decision-makers
  • Build influential champions
  • Generate citizen demand
  • Foster coalitions
  • Strengthen advocacy capacity

Analyze and Develop Policies

When it comes to improving health, smart policies and robust resources can make all the difference between a promising idea and an accessible health solution or program. Our policy experts analyze the policy environment to identify where new or different policies are needed to advance progress against priority health challenges. We develop specific policies, strategies, legislations, and guidelines to overcome these challenges.

Engage Decision-Makers

We engage decision-makers across the policy development process to motivate them to craft policies, commit resources, and sponsor initiatives that improve health. It often starts with raising visibility of the issue and building political will to move forward. Then we gather and communicate evidence to ensure that policymakers understand the multiple facets of an issue. We then engage decision makers to ensure they advance evidence-based policies. We don’t stop until these policies are written and adopted, resources are mobilized, and the policies are fully implemented and monitored to ensure accountability.

Build Influential Champions

We build champions to ensure our issues are prioritized for action. This includes political champions but also other influential voices such as healthcare professionals, scientists, researchers, academics, business leaders, faith community leaders, and patients. We give them the information, and opportunities they need to be effective advocates for health equity.

Generate Citizen Demand

Citizen mobilization and empowerment is critical to generating demand and ensuring accountability for quality-assured, affordable, and accessible health services. PATH creates platforms to elevate citizen voices and concerns, foster dialogue between citizens and the policymakers who serve them, and involve citizens in the planning and monitoring of health and social services. Such platforms serve to influence changes in policies, budgets, and point-of-care service delivery that make a tangible difference in the daily lives of those we aim to serve.

Foster Coalitions

Coalitions are an indispensable tool for advocacy in today’s complex policy environment. When diverse groups unite for a common cause, their collective action can add real momentum to advocacy efforts and increase the likelihood of impact.PATH has a long history of building successful coalitions that shape policies and promote investments in high-priority health areas. We leverage both our extensive network of partnerships and our footprint in more than 70 countries to bring a mix of public-sector, private-sector, and nongovernmental stakeholders to the table.

Strengthen Advocacy Capacity

Local health advocates play a pivotal role in the development and implementation of policies and budgets to improve health in their countries. With a deep understanding of the issues and strong, established relationships with members of their communities and governments, they have the knowledge and connections to get their voices heard. PATH works to strengthen the capacity of individual advocates, organizations, and coalitions to help ensure supportive health policies, secure adequate funding, and hold their leaders accountable to fulfill health promises. PATH provides advocates with needed support as they develop strategies and messages to influence policies and form networks that have real impact. Our support helps build the skills and knowledge base that foster the changes that advocates can replicate time and again.

PATH’s advocacy capacity strengthening experience includes:

  • Assessing advocacy capacity and creating capacity-building plans
  • Conducting capacity-building workshops on a variety of advocacy topics
  • Developing and disseminating advocacy tools
  • Providing advocacy technical assistance and peer mentoring

Learn more about our advocacy capacity strengthening approach and find resources for advocates.


Our global team and decades of experience

Advocacy has been part of PATH’s work since our founding more than 40 years ago. PATH has conducted advocacy globally and in more than 50 countries. Today, PATH’s team of advocacy professionals around the world works at all levels with governments, civil society, the private sector, and other development partners to advance policy initiatives that result in better health outcomes for women, children, and families. Our multidisciplinary staff includes public health experts with experience in diverse cultural contexts, as well as business and policy strategists skilled in translating promising ideas into approaches that have a lasting impact on health.

Contact us to learn more.

Meet the team

  1. Guy Bokongo

    Advocacy and Policy Manager, Democratic Republic of the Congo

  2. Erin Fry Sosne

    Deputy Director, Advocacy and Public Policy

  3. Kelly Healy

    Lead, Advocacy and Policy Communications

  4. Sibusiso Isaac Hlatjwako

    Advocacy and Partnerships Manager, South Africa

  5. Heather Ignatius

    Director, US and Global Advocacy and Operations

  6. Pauline Irungu

    Advocacy and Policy Manager, Kenya

  7. Bonnie Keith

    Global Policy Lead, Continuum of Care

  8. Rosemarie Muganda-Onyando

    Regional Advocacy Director, Africa

Photos (from top): PATH/Eric Becker, PATH/Evelyn Hockstein, PATH/Therese Bjorn Mason, PATH/Will Boase, PATH/Susan Hornyak