Website helps donors invest in women and girls

January 17, 2013 by PATH

PATH projects in maternal and child health, reproductive health featured
Baby wearing an orange, hooded jacket.

Supporters can help establish a milk-banking system in South Africa, and other projects. Photo: Wendy Stone.

Our supporters now have a chance to contribute directly to selected projects to improve the health of women and children. A new website called Catapult ( aims to harness financial and social support to tackle gender inequity and achieve basic human rights for women and girls. Catapult uses a concept called “crowdfunding,” which attempts to fund projects by attracting donations of any size from many people.

PATH is one of the first partners to participate in Catapult, which was designed and built by the global advocacy organization Women Deliver. Launched in October 2012, Catapult now has more than 30 partner organizations and features 74 different projects. The website has raised more than $US68,000 in donations so far.

Three PATH projects are highlighted on the Catapult website:

We hope you will track and support our projects and others featured on Catapult—and invite your friends and families to do the same—to make a significant difference in the lives of girls and women.

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