Radio report highlights resurgence of tuberculosis in Ukraine

September 16, 2008 by PATH

PATH discusses growing TB epidemic on American Public Media

Dr. Katya Gamazina, PATH’s Ukraine country program director, joined public radio reporter Frank Browning earlier this week for a two-part discussion about tuberculosis (TB) and the high cost its resurgence is having on Ukraine. The report on the radio show Marketplace, which airs on American Public Media, highlights the need for a strong public health program that provides early detection of the disease and ensures patients are treated so their cases don’t turn into a more serious form of TB.

Since 2003, PATH has worked in Ukraine to strengthen TB control. Our work has included improving quality control in laboratories, improving surveillance of the disease, and helping to advocate national health policies that coincide with international standards of care.

Listen to Frank Browning’s two-part report on the resurgence of tuberculosis on the Marketplacewebsite:

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