Care and repair of refrigerators for vaccine storage

Training modules for refrigerator technicians produced by WHO between 1985 and 1988

Handbooks on different types of refrigerators

Compression Refrigerators

User’s handbook for compression refrigerators (1.26 MB .pdf)

How to look after a compression refrigerator (761 KB .pdf)

Vaccine Cold Stores

User’s handbook for vaccine cold stores (1.96 MB .pdf)

How to look after a cold store (514 KB .pdf)

Kerosene and Electric Refrigerators

User’s handbook for kerosene and electric refrigerators (2.18 MB .pdf)

How to look after a kerosene refrigerator (693 KB .pdf)

Photovoltaic (Solar) Refrigerators

Installation handbook for photovoltaic (solar) refrigerators (2.13 MB .pdf)

Gas and Electric Refrigerators

User’s handbook for gas and electric refrigerators (1.96 MB .pdf)

How to look after a gas refrigerator (578 KB .pdf)



Materials from a ten-day course for compression and solar refrigerator repair technicians

Part A – Servicing and repair techniques (3.3 MB .pdf)

Part B – Faults and fault-finding (1.59 MB .pdf)

Part C – Repair work (1.7 MB .pdf)

Part D – How to keep stocks of spare parts (1.76 MB .pdf)

Part E – Task sheets and progress tests (1.15 MB .pdf)

Part E Addendum – Task sheets on photovoltaic (solar) refrigerators (787 KB .pdf)

Part F – Instructor’s handbook (2.34 MB .pdf)

(Part G – Manufacturer’s spare parts lists has been omitted from this CD since they are long out of date).

Part H – Fault-finding and repair of photovoltaic (solar) refrigerators (1.36 MB .pdf)

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