Evaluation of Out-of-the-cold-chain Approaches for Improving On-time Delivery of the Hepatitis B Birth Dose in Rural Areas of China

This document summarizes the results of a study of out-of-the-cold-chain approaches for improving on-time delivery of birth doses of the hepatitis B vaccine in rural areas of China. The study concluded that this is a safe and effective way to improve delivery of hepatitis B vaccine within 24 hours of birth. In addition, since many children are born at home and hospital-based immunization requires long-distance travel, better use of village-based vaccinators appears to be an effective strategy for improving on-time birth dose coverage.

Author: PATH

Published: 2005

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Resource types: Report, PATH resource

Diseases/vaccines: Hepatitis B

Topics: Introduction and service delivery, Disease/vaccine specific information, Cold chain technologies, Presentation and packaging

Regions: Asia