Polio Eradication & Endgame Strategic Plan 2013–2018

This document is a comprehensive, long-term strategy that addresses what is needed to deliver a polio-free world by 2018. The plan addresses the eradication of all polio disease, whether caused by wild poliovirus or circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus, while planning for the backbone of the polio effort to be used for delivering other health services to the world’s most vulnerable children. The plan has four objectives: (1) detect and interrupt all poliovirus transmission; (2) strengthen immunization systems and withdraw oral polio vaccine; (3) contain poliovirus and certify interruption of transmission; and (4) plan polio’s legacy.

Author(s): Global Polio Eradication Initiative

Published: 2013

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    Also known as: Plan Stratégique pour l'éradication de la poliomyélite et la phase finale 2013 - 2018

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Resource types: Report

Diseases: Polio

Topics: Disease/vaccine specific information

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