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Strategic Advisory Group of Experts Recommendations: Rotavirus Vaccines

This issue of the Weekly Epidemiological Record provides recommendations and commentary from a SAGE meeting that recognized the safety of rotavirus vaccines among the populations studied and called for clinical trials to determine the vaccines' …

Author: World Health Organization

Publication date: 2006

Strategic Planning and Situation Assessment for Cervical Cancer Prevention: Practical Experience from PATH

From 2006 to 2011, PATH conducted demonstration projects in four low- and middle-income countries—India, Peru, Uganda, and Vietnam—to provide evidence for decision-making about public-sector introduction of human papillomavirus (HPV) …

Author: PATH

Publication date: 2011

Strategies for HPV Vaccination in the Developing World

Developing strategies to effectively reach adolescent girls with HPV vaccines—a population not typically the focus of public health programs—is essential to achieving high coverage rates and reducing the cervical cancer burden. This issue brief …

Author: Cervical Cancer Action

Streamlining Immunization Logistics in the Provinces of Central Java and Yogyakarta, Indonesia

This document reports on results from the Streamlining Immunization Logistics project, implemented between April 2005 and March 2006 in eight districts of Central Java and Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The project successfully demonstrated qualitative …

Author: PATH, Indonesia Ministry of Health

Publication date: 2006

Strengthening Cold Chain and Logistics Systems

This report details the first UNICEF-hosted meeting of partners involved in immunization to enhance and coordinate the collective support provided to national governments for strengthening cold chain and logistics sytems.

Author: UNICEF

Publication date: 2007

Summary of Optimize Activities Conducted With Vietnam's National Expanded Programme on Immunization

Between 2010 and 2012, project Optimize collaborated with Vietnam’s National Expanded Program on Immunization to demonstrate innovations in the vaccine supply chain that can help to meet the demands expected as Vietnam’s immunization program …

Author: PATH, Vietnam National Expanded Program on Immunization, World Health Organization

Publication date: 2012

Summary of Vaccine Stability Data

These documents provide stability data as of November 2012 on commonly used, licensed vaccines and stability data as of May 2012 from available data on novel, investigational vaccine formulations. Data are sorted by vaccine in a table format in both …

Author: PATH, Working in Tandem Ltd.

Publication date: 2012

Sustaining EPI: What Can Communication Do?

This excellent, 17-page document explores ways that communication interventions can strengthen an Expanded Programme for Immunization (EPI). It also describes communication challenges common to immunization programs. Written in 1990, it is as …

Author: Rasmuson M

Publication date: 1990

Sustaining Immunization Efforts Under Health Reform: Challenges for Africa

In this paper Dr. Khadija Ali Msambichaka looks at the current state of EPI programs in Africa and the effects that health care reform is having on them. She cautions that health care reforms must be implemented carefully to ensure that immunization …

Author: Msambichaka K

Publication date: 1999

System Design: Repair or Replace

System design is the blueprint of the architecture, components, processes, and operations of a supply chain. This policy paper considers the broader concept of system design and how all components of a vaccine supply chain can fit together to be …

Author: VillageReach

Publication date: 2014

Technical Information for National-Level PCV Policy Recommendations: Summary of Available Evidence to Guide Decision-Making

This document provides high-level summaries of the best available evidence around the use of pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (PCV) in low- and middle-income countries. Designed for vaccine decision-makers, it synthesizes the evidence required to …

Author: International Vaccine Access Center

Publication date: 2017

Technical Information for National-Level Rotavirus Vaccine Policy Recommendations: Summary of Available Evidence to Guide Decision-Making

This document provides high-level summaries of the best available evidence around the use of rotavirus vaccines in low- and middle-income countries. Designed for vaccine decision-makers, it synthesizes the evidence required to formulate decisions …

Author: International Vaccine Access Center

Publication date: 2017

Technologies for Vaccine Delivery in the 21st Century

This 25-page paper looks at new vaccine delivery concepts that could benefit the developing world within the next ten years.

Author: World Health Organization, UNICEF, and PATH

Publication date: 2000

Temperature Recording System in National Vaccine Stores of Khartoum, Sudan, and Tehran, Iran

Both Iran and Sudan utilize an alarm-based temperature recording system to monitor the performance of their national immunization cold stores. To better the utility and application of such systems in other countries, this report documents the …

Author: PATH, World Health Organization

Publication date: 2010

Temperature Sensitivity of Vaccines

This document addresses issues regarding potential exposure of temperature-sensitive vaccines to freezing temperatures and provides updated information on vaccine vial monitors, as well as a discussion of future advances in cold chain technology.

Author: World Health Organization

Publication date: 2006

Transformative Tools for Malaria Elimination

This report provides an accessible overview of emerging new tools to accelerate progress toward malaria elimination, including the development of vaccines. It provides a list of game-changing innovations, key players, and how they have the potential …

Author: PATH Malaria Center of Excellence; Center for Strategic and International Studies

Publication date: 2014

Treatment Alternatives for Medical Waste Disposal

This document describes technology options for treating infectious medical waste, including incineration, chemical treatment, autoclaving, microwaving, shredding, and compacting. Performance issues, environmental impact, and perspectives from …

Author: PATH

Publication date: 2005

Understanding the Root Causes of Cold Chain Equipment Failure: Results From a Pilot Study in Uganda

This document reports the results of a case study in Uganda to identify and understand the causes of vaccine cold chain equipment failure. It explains the reasons for the equipment failure and provides recommendations to four key …

Author: PATH

Publication date: 2016

Use of Vaccines Outside of the Cold Chain: A Literature Review

This review compiles the literature available on the use of vaccines outside of the cold chain. Most of the studies analyzed in this review focus on hepatitis B, except one that examines meningococcal Group C vaccine. Most showed that there are no …

Author: PATH, World Health Organization

Publication date: 2008

Vaccinating Children Beyond the ‘Cold Chain’: Extending the Heat Stability of Vaccines

This issue brief reviews the topic of temperature sensitivity of vaccines and the effects it has on the distribution of vaccines to children in low-resource countries. It explores the cost of vaccination damage, potential heat-stabilizing vaccine …

Author: Médecins Sans Frontières Access Campaign

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