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Improving Vaccine Delivery Through Moving Warehouses

This fact sheet details a collaboration between Project Optimize and the Senegalese Ministry of Health to implement and validate a "moving warehouse" that will streamline the vaccine supply chain from the regional to the peripheral level. A moving …

Author: PATH, World Health Organization

Published: 2012

Incentives and Innovative Financing for Global Health Product Development

This fact sheet explores different incentives and innovative financing mechanisms and their role in the development of global health products, including vaccines. In addition to providing an overview of the different options available, it also …

Author: Global Health Technologies Coalition

Published: 2010

The Incinerator Guidebook: A Practical Guide for Selecting, Purchasing, Installing, Operating and Maintaining Small-Scale Incinerators in Low-Resource Settings

This guidebook is designed to help program planners address the challenges of safe management of health care waste (HCW) using small-scale incinerators in low-resource settings. Every country and health setting faces different challenges to managing …

Author: Making Medical Injections Safer project

Published: 2010

Incinerator Maintenance Checklist

This job aid supports the training of small-scale incinerator operators and provides key messages about how to perform regular maintenance. It includes daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance activities.

Author: PATH

Published: 2010

Incinerator Operator Guidelines

This job aid supports the training of small-scale incinerator operators by summarizing safe and effective incinerator operation. It outlines key steps that, if followed, can help ensure the unit operates optimally and disposes of waste safely.

Author: PATH

Published: 2010

Increasing Immunization Coverage at the Health Facility Level

This 41-page handbook offers practical guidance for understanding and addressing reasons for low coverage.

Author: World Health Organization and UNICEF

Published: 2002

Increasing Immunization Coverage in Uganda: The Community Problem-solving and Strategy Development Approach

This short paper describes in some detail how Ugandan communities were involved in improving immunization services. The paper includes an annex with common questions posed by community members, and suggested answers, in both English and French.

Author: BASICS II, Uganda Ministry of Health

Published: 2003

Incremental Costs of Introducing Jet Injection Technology for Delivery of Routine Childhood Vaccinations: Comparative Analysis From Brazil, India, and South Africa

This article, published in Vaccine, describes a study that estimated the incremental costs of transitioning from needles and syringes to delivering childhood vaccines with disposable-syringe jet injectors (DSJIs) in Brazil, India, and South Africa. …

Author: Griffiths UK, Santos AC, Nundy N, Jacoby E, Matthias D

Published: 2011

Infection Prevention: An Online Course

Designed to help health care providers, supervisors of health care facilities, and medical/nursing students strengthen their ability to protect themselves, their clients, and members of the surrounding community from infections. Topics covered …

Author: EngenderHealth

Published: 2004

Ingredients of a Successful Public-Private Partnership: A Case Study of the Landmark Vaccine Vial Monitor Partnership

This document describes the partnership that created the vaccine vial monitor, providing a useful example to policymakers, funders, nongovernmental and multilateral organizations, and product developers of how the public and private sectors can …

Author: PATH

Published: 2012

The Initiative for Vaccine Research: Strategic Plan 2010 - 2020

This document outlines current and future plans, objectives, and milestones for the department dedicated to vaccines and immunization at the World Health Organization (WHO). This long-term strategic plan takes account of the evolving vaccine …

Author: World Health Organization

Published: 2010

Injection Safety

Resources available on this web page include scientific articles, technical tools, policy statements, and more on injection safety.

Author: World Health Organization

Injection Safety, Healthcare Waste Management Pilot Project: Needle Removing and Plastic Recycling

This report summarizes the results of a project in Ukraine that evaluated the use of needle removal and plastic recycling as options for management of sharps waste.

Author: Ukraine Ministry of Health; World Health Organization

Published: 2005

Innovative Passive Cooling Options for Vaccines

This evidence brief reports results from field demonstrations of new vaccine cold boxes that could soon be available as World Health Organization–prequalified devices for vaccine storage and/or transport. This information is intended for national …

Author: PATH, World Health Organization

Published: 2013

Installing and Testing Battery-Free Solar Refrigerators in Vietnam

This photo set contains pictures of the installation and initial testing of two True Energy BLF 100 DC Sure Chill® battery-free solar powered vaccine refrigerators in Vietnam. The refrigerators were installed in May 2011, one in Thanh Ba district, …

Author: PATH, World Health Organization

Published: 2013

Institute for Vaccine Safety

The Institute for Vaccine Safety provides independent assessment of vaccine safety to help guide decision-makers and educate physicians, the public, and the media about key issues surrounding the safety of vaccines. The institute's goal is to work …

Author: Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

An Integrated Approach to Health Information Systems in Guatemala

This document describes an effort by the World Health Organization, PATH, the Pan American Health Organization, and the Guatemala Ministry of Public Health and Social Services to address challenges related to vaccine introduction. The goal is …

Author: PATH; World Health Organization

Published: 2010

Integrating the Supply Chains of Vaccines and Other Health Commodities

This evidence brief examines the benefits, challenges, and rationale for integrating vaccine supply chains with the supply chains of other health commodities. It provides agencies, donors, decision-makers, and partners with a brief overview of …

Author: PATH, World Health Organization

Published: 2013

Integration of Vaccine Supply Chains With Other Health Commodity Supply Chains: A Framework for Decision-Making

This document provides national immunization program managers, their technical support staff, policymakers in ministries of health, and global agencies involved in vaccine and health product supply chains with a better understanding of the benefits …

Author: PATH, World Health Organization

Published: 2013

International Center for Diarrheal Disease Research, Bangladesh (icddr,b)

This website provides information on icddr,b's work in Bangladesh and other areas to develop and promote solutions to major health, population, and nutrition problems, particularly those involving diarrheal disease.

Author: International Center for Diarrheal Disease Research, Bangladesh

International Federation on Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations (IFPMA)

IFPMA represents the research-based pharmaceutical industry and other manufacturers of prescription medicines worldwide. It is the main channel of communication between this sector of the industry and the World Health Organization, as well as other …

Author: International Federation on Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations (IFPMA)

The International Finance Facility for Immunization (IFFIm)

General information on the function and objectives of IFFIm, a new funding mechanism that secures pledges of future aid in order to leverage money from international capital markets to support national immunization programmes.

Author: World Health Organization

Published: 2006

International Vaccine Institute (IVI)

Based in Korea, IVI is dedicated to improving human health through research, development, and strengthening vaccine science capabilities for developing countries. This website offers IVI publications and reports, as well as an events calendar.

Author: International Vaccine Institute (IVI)

Intradermal Delivery for Vaccine Dose Sparing: Overview of Current Issues

Preclinical and clinical data highlight potential benefits from intradermal delivery of reduced doses of vaccines, possibly using novel delivery devices. This article, published in Vaccine, outlines evidence gaps and logistical challenges of this …

Author: Zehrung D, Jarrahian C, Wales A

Published: 2013

Intradermal Delivery of Vaccines: Potential Benefits and Current Challenges

This article, published in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization, explores the ways by which the delivery of vaccine antigens to the dermis and/or epidermis layers of the skin (i.e., intradermal vaccine delivery) might be more efficient than …

Author: Hickling JK, Jones KR, Friede M, Zehrung D, Chen D, Kristensen D

Published: 2011