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Guidelines for Implementing a National Procurement Policy to Integrate Safe-Injection Equipment

This report identifies key steps and information┬árelevant to the development and implementation of a national procurement policy on safe-injection equipment, which includes safety devices for immunizations. The intention is to increase patient and …

Author: Making Medical Injections Safer

Published: 2010

Guidelines for Implementing Supportive Supervision

These guidelines define supportive supervision, how it can be incorporated into immunization programs, major steps in implementing supportive supervision, country-specific examples, and tools for implementing supportive supervision.

Author: PATH

Published: 2003

Guidelines for National Strategies for the Safe and Appropriate Use of Injections

This two-page document summarizes key elements to assist in the development of a national strategy for ensuring safe and appropriate use of injections.

Author: World Health Organization

Published: 2000

Guidelines on the International Packaging and Shipping of Vaccines

This widely used reference from WHO has been updated according to new developments in vaccine stability, temperature monitoring, and recently pre-qualified vaccines.

Author: World Health Organization

Published: 2005

Guiding Principles for Managing Medical Waste

This document provides a brief overview of key considerations for developing a medical waste-management plan at the facility, district, and national levels.

Author: PATH

Published: 2005

Handouts for Patients & Staff

This web page offers healthcare professionals and the public more than 250 free English-language handouts (many are also available in other languages) covering a wide range of vaccination-related topics, all of which are available for users to print …

Author: Immunization Action Coalition

Harnessing Solar Energy for Health Needs

Many health facilities in remote areas operate without grid electricity, have unreliable electricity, or find that using electricity is too costly. In these settings, solar energy is a promising solution for powering the storage and transportation …

Author: PATH, World Health Organization

Published: 2012

Health Care Waste Management: Sharing the Responsibility

This fact sheet outlines the importance of health care waste management and suggests ways government programs can improve current practices.

Author: PATH; John Snow, Inc.

Published: 2010

Health Care Without Harm

Health Care Without Harm is an international coalition of more than 500 organizations in 53 countries working to ensure that the health care sector is not a source of harm to people and the environment. They aim to implement ecologically sound and …

Author: Health Care Without Harm

Healthcare Waste Management

This website is designed to promote the safe management of health care waste through news, publications, general information, and services for professionals in health care waste management.

Author: World Health Organization

A HealthTech Report: Field Evaluation of the Acceptability and Feasibility of Syringe Melters in Indonesia

This report shares findings from a field evaluation of three syringe melters temporarily placed in five health centers in Indonesia, which aimed to assess the field performance of the devices, acceptability by health workers, fit into the existing …

Author: PATH

Published: 2007

Heat-Stable Measles Vaccine Produced by Spray Drying

This article, published in Vaccine, reports on the development of a heat-stable measles vaccine powder using a combination of unique stabilizers and mild spray-drying process conditions. The researchers identified spray drying as the optimal …

Author: Ohtake S, Martin RA, Yee L, et al.

Published: 2010

Helping PEPFAR Partners Manage Health Care Waste: Practical Approaches and Lessons Learned From Uganda and Nigeria

This paper describes the process, tools, and strategies used in the Making Medical Injections Safer project to successfully engage the US President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) implementing partners in Uganda and Nigeria to improve …

Author: PATH, John Snow Inc.

Published: 2009

Helping Young People Become Youth Advocates for Immunization

Written for teachers and youth group leaders, this 24-page paper is full of practical ideas for teaching children and young adults about infectious disease, immunization, and injection safety and for encouraging them to promote immunization in their …

Author: PATH

Published: 2000

A History of Vaccines

This fact sheet on the history of vaccines gives a brief overview of disease rates before and after the development of vaccines.

Author: PATH

Published: 2013

The History of Vaccines

This website aims to provide a living resource detailing the history, current state, and future direction of vaccination. The goal of the site is to increase public knowledge about vaccines by explaining how they work, the challenges associated with …

Author: The College of Physicians of Philadelphia

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Dose of Vaccine to the Service Delivery Location? Empirical Evidence from Vietnam's Expanded Program on Immunization

The authors of this article, published in Vaccine, present empirical estimates of vaccine supply chain costs for Vietnam's Expanded Program on Immunization for routine vaccines at each level of the supply chain, before and after the introduction of …

Author: Mvundura M, Kien VD, Nga NT, et al.

Published: 2013

How to Manage Parents Unsure About Immunization

Guidance on addressing parents' concerns and educating them on the benefits of childhood immunization. From the Canadian Journal of CME.

Author: Halperin S

Published: 2000

How Vaccines Work

A brief, scientific description of how the immune system operates and how it is strengthened through vaccination.

Author: National Partnership for Immunization


Comprehensive, up-to-date, and accurate information on vaccines, disease, and immunization in the United Kingdom. The site includes frequently asked questions, general information on immunization, and specific information on childhood immunizations.

Author: Public Health England

Immunisation for All: No Child Left Behind

This report identifies country-level strategies to reach the one in five children that are missing out on basic vaccinations. It also identifies factors at the global level that will help to create a more conducive environment for countries to …

Author: Save the Children

Published: 2012

Immunization Action Coalition

The Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) promotes physician, community, and family awareness of, and responsibility for, appropriate immunization of all children and adults against all vaccine-preventable diseases. This US-based site has a wealth of …

Author: Immunization Action Coalition

Immunization and Child Health Materials Development Guide

A practical, "how-to" manual for conducting audience research and developing effective, user-appropriate print, audio, video, and computer-based health education materials.

Author: PATH

Published: 2001

Immunization: At a Glance

This fact sheet lays out the three key reasons that immunization should be a high priority in developing countries and charts out key objectives, interventions, targeted beneficiaries, and outcome measures for successful immunization programs. …

Author: World Bank

Published: 2001

Immunization Essentials: A Practical Field Guide

This 275-page manual is full of useful information and belongs on every immunization professional's bookshelf.

Author: US Agency for International Development

Published: 2004