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The Imperative for Stronger Vaccine Supply and Logistics Systems

This article, published in Vaccine, asserts that over the next decade vaccine supply and logistics systems in nearly all developing countries will require significant investments of time and resources from global and national partners, donors, and …

Author: Zaffran M, Vandelaer J, Kristensen D, et al.

Published: 2013

Incentives and Innovative Financing for Global Health Product Development

This fact sheet explores different incentives and innovative financing mechanisms and their role in the development of global health products, including vaccines. In addition to providing an overview of the different options available, it also …

Author: Global Health Technologies Coalition

Published: 2010

Increasing Immunization Coverage in Uganda: The Community Problem-solving and Strategy Development Approach

This short paper describes in some detail how Ugandan communities were involved in improving immunization services. The paper includes an annex with common questions posed by community members, and suggested answers, in both English and French.

Author: BASICS II, Uganda Ministry of Health

Published: 2003

An Integrated Approach to Confronting Diarrheal Disease

This briefing paper provides an overview of the tools and interventions involved with an integrated approach to diarrheal disease control, including vaccines, oral rehydration therapy, breastfeeding, and zinc treatment. The document also advocates …

Author: PATH

Published: 2011

An Introduction to Advocacy--A Training Guide

This well-written and formatted, 130-page training manual provides tools to help people engage in the advocacy process. Though written specifically for an African audience, the guide can be used anywhere. The full guide has been divided into three …

Author: US Agency for International Development

Investing in Stronger Vaccine Supply Chains: Reaching Children With Immunization, Saving Lives

This brochure describes how advances in vaccine supply chain systems can accelerate the delivery of lifesaving immunizations to people who need them. The document offers recommendations for global policymakers to support countries in building more …

Author: PATH

Published: 2012

Investing Together for a Healthy Future: The 2016-2020 GAVI Alliance Investment Opportunity

This report makes the case for the GAVI Alliance's call for an additional investment of US$7.5 billion to help immunize an additional 300 million children from 2016 to 2020. It includes GAVI's plan for increasing the proportion of children worldwide …

Author: GAVI Alliance

Published: 2014

Is Immunisation Child Protection?

This article, published in The Lancet, argues that the failure of parental acceptance of safe and effective vaccination could be the biggest hurdle to realization of successful development and implementation of vaccines in the coming decades. The …

Author: Finn A, Savulescu J

Published: 2011

Japanese Encephalitis Morbidity, Mortality, and Disability: Reduction and Control by 2015

This strategic plan, prepared by PATH from the contributions of 17 partner organizations, provides details on priority activities that must be sustained for continued momentum in Japanese encephalitis (JE) control, including improved …

Author: PATH, Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences, BIKEN, et al.

Published: 2009

Knowledge and Awareness of HPV Vaccine and Acceptability to Vaccinate in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Systematic Review

This article, published in PLOS ONE, reports on an assessment of the knowledge and awareness of cervical cancer, human papillomavirus (HPV), and HPV vaccine, and willingness and acceptability to vaccinate in sub-Saharan African countries. The …

Author: Perlman S, Wamai RG, Bain PA, Welty T, Ogembo JG.

Published: 2014

Knowledge of Cervical Cancer and HPV Vaccine Post-Vaccination Among Mothers and Daughters in Vietnam

The authors of this article, published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, assessed and compared knowledge and attitudes about cervical cancer and human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines, and whether that knowledge was associated with …

Author: Paul P, LaMontagne DS, Le NT

Published: 2012

Knowledge Utilization and the Process of Policy Formation

This literature review analyzes the use of technical information for influencing policy.

Author: US Agency for International Development

Published: 1995

Landscape Analysis of Routine Immunization in Nigeria: Identifying Barriers and Prioritizing Interventions

This white paper provides an analysis of supply-side constraints and demand-side determinants of routine immunization coverage in Nigeria. It emphasizes that tackling the basic barriers to routine immunization in Nigeria—cold chain, transport, …

Author: International Vaccine Access Center

Published: 2012

Lessons from Polio Eradication

This article, published in Nature, discusses what the authors believe can be learned from the polio eradication initiative; in particular, why some children remain unvaccinated. Their research points to three key lessons for the endgame of polio …

Author: Larson HJ, Ghinai I

Published: 2011

Making Malaria History

Malaria is preventable and treatable, but to eliminate it requires political commitment, financial support, and a higher level of local ownership than ever before. This website is a resource for the global malaria community to provide updates on the …

Author: PATH

Making Vaccine Technologies Work for the Poor

This briefing emphasizes the impact of a community's perception of immunization and how that perception can inform interventions and advocacy efforts.

Author: Institute for Development Studies

Published: 2006

Meningococcal Disease From the Public Health Policy Perspective

Given the availability of conjugate vaccines against meningococcal disease there is now the potential to effectively control meningococcal disease globally. The authors of this article, published in Vaccine, discuss how optimal control of …

Author: Black SB, Plotkin SA

Published: 2012

New Decade of Vaccines

In December 2010, global health leaders committed to making the next 10 years the Decade of Vaccines - to ensure discovery, development, and delivery of lifesaving vaccines globally, especially to the poorest countries. This special series of …

Author: Horton R, ed.

Published: 2011

New Vaccine Post-Introduction Evaluation (PIE) Tool

This post-introduction evaluation (PIE) tool provides a systematic method for evaluating the impact of the introduction of a vaccine on the existing immunization system in a country. The PIE tool is designed for immunization managers in countries …

Author: World Health Organization

Published: 2010

The Next Decade of Vaccines: Societal and Scientific Challenges

This article, published in The Lancet, aims to provide a deeper understanding of the societal factors that threaten to compromise realization of the public health gains that immunization can achieve in the next decade and beyond. Also discussed are …

Author: Moxon ER, Siegrist CA

Published: 2011

One & Only Campaign

This website is focused on a public health campaign that aims to eradicate outbreaks resulting from unsafe injection practices. The site provides information and resources for patients and healthcare providers on safe injection practices, including …

Author: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Safe Injection Practices Coalition

PATH Rotavirus Advocacy and Communications Toolkit

This toolkit was developed to help increase awareness of the burden of rotavirus disease and the power of rotavirus vaccines to prevent childhood deaths and hospitalizations. It contains key messages, fact sheets, country introduction maps, and …

Author: PATH

PATH's Japanese Encephalitis Project: Collaboration and Commitment to Protect Asia's Children

A final report on the focused efforts of PATH and its partners to provide technical support to JE-endemic countries to improve data for decision-making, advance the availability of an improved vaccine, introduce vaccine to immunization systems, and …

Author: PATH

Published: 2009

Pneumonia and Diarrhea Progress Report 2013

This report evaluates the 15 countries with the highest number of child deaths from pneumonia and diarrhea and reports on their progress in implementing evidence-based interventions that are outlined in the Global Action Plan for the Prevention and …

Author: International Vaccine Access Center

Published: 2013

Pneumonia and Diarrhoea: Tackling the Deadliest Diseases for the World’s Poorest Children

This report focuses on the huge potential to narrow the child survival gap between the richest and the poorest by focusing on pneumonia and diarrhea—the two primary killers of children under the age of five. It includes a review of the current …

Author: United Nations Children's Fund

Published: 2012