Nekoye Otsyula

Nekoye Otsyula

A doctor resolves to end malaria

Dr. Nekoye Otsyula is committed to beating the disease that nearly killed her daughter.

Jane Wamalwa

Jane Wamalwa

The truth about diarrhea

Her children’s deaths drive Jane Wamalwa to reach other parents with lifesaving information.

Asha Thakur

Asha Thakur

On the road to a healthier India

We’re bringing together children, vaccines, and health worker Asha Thakur.

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A birthing center for Ithar
An Indian village learns to take health into its own hands to save lives.

Building an HIV-free generation in Kenya
Veronica Wangari has a business plan, a big dream, and a new resolve to protect herself from HIV.

Building support for mothers
A women’s group in Kenya teaches members like Carolyne Wesa Amboye about living with HIV.

Calling out for vaccine
In Burkina Faso’s villages, town criers like Amadou François Dipama carry the MenAfriVac® vaccine’s message.

Creating a safety net for children
Municipal councillor Florence Weke-sa is helping families in her community prevent death from diarrhea.

A cup of clean water
A clever collaboration in rural India means Madhavi's family has safe water to drink.

Diagnosis: cervical cancer
In a Nicaraguan hospital far away from her home and her children, Aydalina Aviles endures a battle against a deadly disease.

A doctor resolves to end malaria
Dr. Nekoye Otsyula is committed to beating the disease that nearly killed her daughter.

Embracing safe childbirth across generations
Mother-in-law Savita Rai changes ancient practices to protect her grandchildren.

Feeding children’s potential
Ultra Rice for a new generation of Indian children.

Fighting back against malaria
Malaria can devastate families, but we're giving them tools to beat this deceptively dangerous disease.

From a world most children never see
Raised in a brothel, Sangeeta Paul now helps sex workers protect themselves from HIV.

Good medicine
A vaccine against severe diarrhea is keeping children like Wilson Garcia Obando out of Nicaragua’s hospital wards.

Hope in a sealed foil pouch
Helping mothers protect their children against HIV.

How can I have this disease?
A cervical cancer survivor, Jenny Flores hopes women throughout Nicaragua can get early screening to avoid the illness she faced.

How meningitis changed a family
Before vaccine, disease came for Rosalie Ouedraogo’s three children.

Lasting change from a simple sticker
For Nurse Gladys Wambu the days of guesswork are over.

Long days on the way to ending epidemics
It takes dedicated health workers to get the MenAfriVac® vaccine to a village.

A long journey, a new life
After a rough boat ride from a remote coastal community in Nicaragua, Carla Gart reaches medical care to deliver her baby.

Making choices, staying safe
Interactive theater helps sex workers in India find ways to protect themselves from HIV and violence.

Measles vaccine offers a brighter future
In India, hope rises that Satish, a child blinded by disease, may be the last.

A model family
A community discussion group helps parents and children like Luca Khaoya’s family talk about HIV, health, and relationships.

A new vaccine’s powerful potential
MenAfriVac® vaccine may one day mean the end of epidemic meningitis in Africa.

No one is unafraid of meningitis
In a Burkina Faso village, mother Ida Tapsoba explains why she’s in line for vaccine.

On the road to a healthier India
Bringing together children, vaccines, and health worker Asha Thakur.

Pharmacies deliver more than medicine
Training helps pharmacy owners like Suong build health care skills.

The picture of progress in Cambodia
Better access to vaccination helps mothers like Issa Ramass keep their babies safe.

The power of community
In rural Cambodia, Chhean Toeu’s family is united after years divided by migrant work.

A powerful defense
Geeta Ravi Makula is empowering fellow sex workers in India to protect themselves from HIV.

Saving two lives during childbirth
An Indian couple, Ramsajeevan and Archana, embrace a new way to give birth—just in time.

She found a way forward
Lakshmi Devi Dudekula became a peer counselor and now helps other sex workers protect themselves from HIV.

Stories of hope from South Africa
HIV prevention and safer childbirths mean healthier families and a brighter future.

A stronger future for India
Pranita Ingole gets prepared for motherhood.

Tackling a deadly duo
Yeksim Chea and Cambodia take on childhood pneumonia and diarrheal disease.

Theater for social change
PATH consultant Margaret Larson reports on “magnet theater” in Kenya—and its power to stop HIV.

To the smallest village
Comprehensive health system improvements mean new mother Laxmi can give her baby the care and protection he needs.

Transforming lives
A project in Nicaragua turns rebellious preteen Jonathan Osejo Morraz into a model son.

The truth about diarrhea
Her children’s deaths drive Jane Wamalwa to reach other parents with lifesaving information.

Tubers at the root of better health
Sweetpotatoes help mothers like Margaret Simiyu raise healthier kids and improve their own health.

A village woman helps others save their babies
After losing her own children, Mansa Devi teaches parents how to give babies the best chance at life.

Walking in her shoes
In Honduras, a training is helping health workers like Cristina Flores understand gender-based violence and provide support for women.

Photos, from top: PATH/Eric Becker, PATH/Gabe Bienczycki, PATH/Gabe Bienczycki.