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Region: Asia

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PATH's Safe Water Project: Partnerships for Commercialization of Household Water Treatment

This document outlines PATH's work with private-sector partners to make appropriate household water treatment and storage products accessible and affordable for low-income families.

Publication date: September 2009

Region: Asia

PATH’s Integrated Approach to Reducing Diarrheal Disease in Cambodia: Combining Prevention and Treatment

This fact sheet summarizes the PATH Safe Water Project's work in Cambodia to integrate prevention and treatment options for diarrheal disease. By harnessing successes from one prevention-focused project (microfinance loans for household water filters) and one treatment-focused program (oral rehydration solution and zinc), the project streamlined community strategies and increased overall efficiency for better results. Key to this effort were the local, village health volunteers whom PATH trained to educate and empower Cambodian women to successfully protect their families from the dangers of diarrheal disease.

Publication date: November 2012

Region: Asia

Pharmacy Provision of Youth-Friendly Services: A Toolbox with Resources for On-the-Job Training of Pharmacy Staff in Cambodia

A resource for on-the-job training of pharmacy staff that reinforces knowledge about STIs, EC, and regular contraceptive methods as well as provision of youth-friendly services.

Author: Srimuangboon H; Hutchings J; Weldin M

Publication date: 2005

Region: Asia

Piloting a Malaria Public-Private Mix Model in Cambodia

This fact sheet describes PATH's work to improve malaria diagnosis, treatment, and referral practices in the private sector to contain drug-resistant parasites in Cambodia.

Publication date: January 2011

Region: Asia

Piloting Retail and Direct Sales Models for Household Water Treatment Products in Cambodia: PATH Partners With Hydrologic and VisionFund to Increase Household Water Treatment

PATH’s Safe Water Project is implementing innovative methods to enable commercial enterprises to produce, distribute, sell, and maintain effective household water treatment and safe storage products for low-income populations in multiple developing countries around the world. This fact sheet summarizes PATH's work in partnership with Hydrologic Social Enterprise and VisionFund to explore the viability of distributing household water treatment devices through retail and direct sales models.

Publication date: June 2012

Region: Asia

Preventing the Spread of Tuberculosis in India: Improving Infection Control in Health Facilities

PATH is working across the spectrum of the health care system to strengthen infection control in high-risk settings across India. This is the story of how PATH’s work to upgrade health facilities in India helped ensure that the Chowdawaram Community Health Center in the state of Andhra Pradesh was able to protect patients and health care workers from the airborne transmission of tuberculosis (TB) within the facility. It is one of a series of success stories that showcase some of the ways that PATH’s work in TB is having an impact on people’s lives in a variety of settings around the world. This work was made possible through generous funding from the US Agency for International Development.

Publication date: February 2012

Region: Asia

Part of series: Tuberculosis success stories

Procurement Primer for Health and Family Planning Programs in Bangladesh

This highly illustrated manual provides a complete orientation to procuring goods and services for health and family planning programs in Bangladesh. It describes the key steps of procurement and includes an overview of the World Bank's role in financing programs, a list of resources, a list of acronyms, a glossary, and summaries of the HPSP Development Credit Agreement and World Bank procurement guidelines.

Author: Woodle D, Dickens T, Fox J

Publication date: June 2003

Region: Asia

Project GLOW Health and Life Planning Skills Curriculum

This curriculum targets adolescent girls 14 to 18 years old in China's Yi community. It consists of 54 participatory sessions that aim to equip and empower Yi adolescent girls with the life skills and health knowledge needed to develop healthy behaviors and move beyond the challenges of urban migration and the growing HIV/AIDS epidemic. The document is available as one large file or as multiple smaller sections for easier downloading.

Publication date: 2008

Region: Asia

Promoting Household Water Treatment Through Local Health Workers in Vietnam

This publication details PATH's pilot project to support distribution of effective household water treatment and safe storage products for low-income populations via local health workers. The pilot took place in two districts in Can Tho, Vietnam.

Publication date: November 2011

Region: Asia

Protecting Children for a Healthy Tomorrow: Lessons Learned from the Andhra Pradesh Partnership Project on Immunization

Publication date: 2006

Region: Asia

Protecting India's Children From Japanese Encephalitis

This fact sheet provides information about the partnerships and commitments that helped the Government of India introduce a landmark strategy to vaccinate children at highest risk of Japanese encephalitis. Campaigns in 2006 reached more than 9 million children, and the target population in 2007 exceeds 23 million.

Author: Phillips D

Publication date: 2007

Region: Asia

Protecting Newborns From Hepatitis B in Vietnam: Expanding Coverage of the Hepatitis B Vaccine Birth Dose

This fact sheet describes PATH's activities to increase the coverage and timeliness of hepatitis B birth dose vaccination in Vietnam.

Publication date: February 2014

Region: Asia

Public-Private Mix for TB-HIV Control

This fact sheet provides an overview of PATH's work in Vietnam to control tuberculosis and HIV by enhancing referrals from the private sector to existing public-sector prevention and treatment services, thus improving case detection.

Publication date: September 2012

Region: Asia

Public-Private Mix: Involving Pharmacies and Other Providers in TB Control - A Cambodia Case Study

This document describes the successful introduction of a public-private mix program designed to increase the detection of tuberculosis in Cambodia. It is hoped that health programs in other high-burden countries will find this a useful guide for introducing or scaling up their own public-private mix activities.

Publication date: September 2011

Region: Asia

A Qualitative Assessment of the Ethno-Medical Perspectives on Intestinal Parasite Infections in Vietnam

Infection with intestinal parasites is very common in rural Vietnam, with rates of Ascariasis approaching 100 percent amongst children aged two years and older. Trichuris and hookworm infections also highly prevalent. This document reports on research that was conducted at four communes of Ba Thuoc and Hau Loc districts, Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam. It provides a comprehensive overview of awareness as well as behaviors and practices of local people in health and intestinal parasite infection management and control.

Publication date: 2002

Region: Asia

Reducing Postpartum Hemorrhage in Thanh Hoa

The study was undertaken to evaluate the acceptability and ease of use of the Uniject prefilled, single-use injection device by midwives at primary and secondary level facilities, the effectiveness of active management of the third stage of labor (AMTSL) in reducing rates of post partum hemorrhage (PPH) and the need for hemorrhage treatments, the cost-effectiveness of routine delivery of AMTSL, and the relative costs of using oxytocin in ampoules or in Uniject. The study was conducted in six districts of Thanh Hoa province from June to December 2004.

Publication date: 2003

Region: Asia

Reducing Postpartum Hemorrhage in Vietnam

This fact sheet describes a collaboration between PATH and the Vietnamese Ministry of Health to study in six districts of Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam, the use of single-dose Uniject™ devices prefilled with oxytocin in the active management of the third stage of labor in order to reduce the rates of postpartum hemorrhage.

Publication date: 2007

Region: Asia

Results From a Survey of Immunization Stakeholders in Vietnam Regarding the Presentation, Packaging, and Distribution of Human Papillomavirus Vaccines

The purpose of this project Optimize survey was to obtain input from stakeholders within the Expanded Programme on Immunization in Vietnam about issues and perceptions related to the storage, distribution, and delivery of the current and potential options for human papillomavirus vaccine presentation and packaging.

Publication date: December 2009

Region: Asia

Rotavirus Disease and Vaccines in Asia

This fact sheet provides an overview of rotavirus disease and vaccines in Asia. It includes information about the tremendous burden of rotavirus diarrhea in Asian children, rotavirus diarrhea treatment and prevention strategies, and the effectiveness of rotavirus vaccines. It also lists countries that have introduced rotavirus vaccines into their national immunization programs.

Publication date: October 2012

Region: Asia

Part of series: Rotavirus disease and vaccines fact sheets

SA 14-14-2 Live Japanese Encephalitis (JE) Vaccine

This fact sheet provides important information on the SA 14-14-2 JE vaccine manufactured by the Chengdu Institute of Biological Products. Topics include vaccine presentation, dosage, safety, and history of use.

Publication date: October 2013

Region: Asia

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