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Region: Asia

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Messaging Framework for India: Multipurpose Prevention Technologies

This messaging framework was developed to support advocates as they raise awareness and build support for multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs) for reproductive health in India. The framework provides a menu of messaging options that advocates can use in presentations, brochures, websites, speeches, or other outreach efforts to help advance support for MPTs in India. It is designed as a trifold brochure.

Publication date: December 2012

Region: Asia

Microfinancing Boosts Uptake of Water Filters: PATH Partners With Indian Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage Manufacturer and Microfinance Organization to Expand Use of Water Filters That Can Reduce Diarrheal Disease

PATH’s Safe Water Project is implementing innovative methods to enable commercial enterprises to produce, distribute, sell, and maintain effective household water treatment and safe storage products for low-income populations in multiple developing countries around the world. This fact sheet summarizes PATH's work with Hindustan Unilever to explore the viability of distributing household water treatment devices through a microfinance model in India.

Publication date: January 2012

Region: Asia

Needs Assessment Report on Mobility and Cross-Border HIV/AIDS Transmission in Lang Son and Lao Cai, Vietnam

HIV/AIDS and its cross-border transmission in the Mekong region is a growing problem. In response to this problem, PATH, supported by the United States Department of State, implemented the project entitled "Catalyzing Cross-Border HIV/AIDS Prevention in the Southern China Border Region." The project aimed to attract the attention of different stakeholders on both sides of the border to develop The Action Plan to deal with this epidemic. There was a lack of clear understanding of local situations to develop a comprehensive action plan that was locally and culturally appropriate, feasible, and effective. Three cross-border sites, therefore, were selected to conduct the needs assessment: Vietnam, China, and Myanmar. This report presents the findings from Lao Cai and Lang Son provinces in Vietnam.

Publication date: 2005

Region: Asia

Nepal Clean Home Delivery Kit: Evaluation of the Health Impact

Author: Tsu V

Publication date: 2000

Region: Asia

New Diarrhea Guidelines Look Toward a Healthy Future for Vietnam’s Families

This briefing paper details PATH's partnership with officials and health leaders in Vietnam to develop and distribute new clinical guidelines on the prevention and treatment of diarrhea. The document also summarizes PATH's pilot project to roll out and evaluate the new guidelines.

Publication date: November 2011

Region: Asia

Part of series: Diarrheal disease fact sheets

"New Generation" Models for Asia's Youth: Strengthening Networks and Building Capacity

Publication date: 2003

Region: Asia

Newly Designed Ceramic Water Pot for Low-Income Households

PATH’s Safe Water Project is implementing innovative methods to enable commercial enterprises to produce, distribute, sell, and maintain effective household water treatment and storage products for low-income populations in multiple developing countries around the world. This project brief summarizes PATH's product development process, in partnership with Hydrologic, a Cambodian manufacturer, to improve the ceramic water purifier for low- and middle-income families.

Author: Murray M

Publication date: September 2011

Region: Asia

Part of series: Safe water briefs

Optimize Phase I Summary Report: Evaluating the Vaccine Supply Chain in Preparation for Demonstrating Future Options in Vietnam

Project Optimize is collaborating with the Vietnamese National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology on a series of activities designed to assess the opportunities and needs for strengthening the immunization system in Vietnam. This document reports the results of assessments of the vaccine supply chain in Vietnam, completed in March 2010.

Publication date: March 2010

Region: Asia

Optimize: Vietnam Report

This report presents the results of demonstration projects and other activities undertaken in Vietnam as part of a partnership between project Optimize (a collaboration between the World Health Organization and PATH) and Vietnam’s Ministry of Health. The activities aimed to demonstrate innovations in the supply chain that can help meet the demands of an increasingly large and costly portfolio of vaccines. For a summary of Optimize’s activities conducted with Vietnam’s National Expanded Program on Immunization, see Summary of Optimize Activities Conducted With Vietnam's National Expanded Programme on Immunization.

Publication date: January 2013

Region: Asia

Part of series: Project Optimize country reports

Options and Challenges for Converging HIV and SRH Services in India: Findings from an Assessment in Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, and Uttar Pradesh

This report shares findings from an assessment of how access to critical services for populations at risk of HIV and unintended pregnancy can be strengthened by converging HIV and sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services under the National Rural Health Mission and the National AIDS Control Programme in India. The report provides information on the demand for, opportunities for, and challenges of implementing HIV and SRH convergence in four Indian states—Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, and Uttar Pradesh. The report is available as one large file or as two smaller sections for easier downloading.

Author: PATH HIV-SRH Convergence Project in India

Publication date: June 2007

Region: Asia

Options for Unintended Pregnancies (job aid) [Vietnamese]

Developed as part of a project aimed at strengthening the provision of reproductive health services for young people at pharmacies, this job aid aims to strengthen the knowledge of pharmacy staff of the options to offer clients for managing unintended pregnancies, and provides a list of youth friendly services in Thanh Hoa.

Publication date: 2004

Region: Asia

Out-of-cold-chain Delivery of the Hepatitis B Birth Dose in Four Districts of Vietnam

This document summarizes the results of a study of out-of-the-cold-chain approaches for improving on-time delivery of birth doses of the hepatitis B vaccine in four districts of Vietnam.

Publication date: 2006

Region: Asia

Participatory Site Assessment: A Guide to Generating Information to Design Community-Based Interventions for HIV Prevention in India

This toolkit aims to help key population communities mobilize themselves for HIV prevention and to generate information to design HIV prevention interventions and services. This toolkit was developed by PATH for nongovernmental and community-based organizations that intend to implement HIV risk-reduction projects and targeted interventions with key populations.

Publication date: 2007

Region: Asia

PATH in Cambodia: A Longstanding Commitment to Better Health

PATH has been a partner in Cambodia's public health efforts since 1995. We are helping to support the reconstruction of the health system—largely destroyed during the 1970s—and build capacity across the public, private, and civil-society sectors. This brochure describes our work in childhood immunization, reproductive and child health, and tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV/AIDS.

Publication date: December 2010

Region: Asia

PATH in China: Joining With Diverse Partners to Create Sustainable Health Solutions

This brochure outlines PATH's work in China, with emphasis on public-private partnerships for product development. Areas of focus include vaccines and immunization, health technologies, and women's health.

Publication date: November 2012

Region: Asia

Path to Growth: A Life-Planning Skills Training Manual

This handbook is an English translation of the Chinese manual created for the China Youth Reproductive Health Project. It includes modules for facilitators to conduct life-planning skills training for young people.

Publication date: March 2004

Region: Asia

PATH's Japanese Encephalitis Project: Collaboration and Commitment to Protect Asia's Children

This report summarizes the activities and achievements of PATH's Japanese encephalitis project (2003–2009), which aimed to accelerate availability of a safe and efficacious vaccine to vulnerable communities throughout Asia. Technical fact sheets bundled with the report provide guidance on disease surveillance, cost-effectiveness, advocacy, vaccine introduction, and more. The report is available as one large file or as four smaller files for easier downloading.

Publication date: October 2010

Region: Asia

PATH's Safe Water Project in Cambodia: Household Water Treatment and Storage: Findings From a Distribution Channel Analysis

Commercial markets are a viable model for selling some products to the very poor in Cambodia. But can household water treatment and storage products be provided in the same way? This fact sheet discusses the results of an analysis of distribution and marketing channels in Cambodia, conducted by PATH, to help answer that question.

Publication date: September 2009

Region: Asia

PATH's Safe Water Project in Cambodia: Household Water Treatment and Storage: Findings From a Qualitative Consumer Research Study

PATH conducted a qualitative study of consumers in four regions of Cambodia to inform potential interventions to increase access to household water treatment and storage products through the country's commercial sector. This fact sheet summarizes the findings from this consumer research study.

Publication date: September 2009

Region: Asia

PATH's Safe Water Project in Vietnam and Cambodia

Safe drinking water is essential to good health and quality of life. However, in resource-poor settings like Vietnam and Cambodia, water often comes from unsafe sources and carries dangerous pathogens. This fact sheet outlines the work that PATH is implementing in Vietnam and Cambodia to enable commercial enterprises to produce, distribute, sell, and maintain good-quality household water treatment and storage products for low-income populations.

Publication date: July 2008

Region: Asia

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