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Cambodia: "Coverage Improvement Planning" Pays Off - Expanding Services and Increasing Financial Sustainablity

Publication date: 2004

Region: Asia

Capacity-Building Resources in Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health

This set of capacity-building resources is designed to help organizations integrate youth sexual and reproductive health (YSRH) into ongoing programs, or to introduce YSRH as a new program area. Content is designed to encourage programmers to consider "new generation" approaches that respond to the evolving needs of young people, strengthen skills in key program areas, and build partnerships and network that result in a critical mass of development staff who can effectively respond to young people's need. Due to the document's size, the material is available for downloading as one large file or as as six smaller files.

Author: Bond K; Levack A; Pownall C; Gerber W; Savage W

Publication date: 2003

Region: Asia

Captain Condom and Lady Latex at War With the Army of Sex Diseases

PATH and Center for Youth Services, with assistance from youth and staff at several Washington, DC, youth programs, produced this comic on condom use and the prevention of sexually transmitted infections. Captain Condom and Lady Latex was one of several products resulting from Plain Talk, a PATH project in the mid-1980s funded by the Ford Foundation.

Publication date: 1989

Region: Global

Caring for People Living with HIV/AIDS (Outlook, vol. 19, no. 2)

Author: Kols A

Publication date: August 2001

Region: Global

Part of series: Outlook

A Case for Better Immunization Information Systems

This evidence brief discusses the rationale for improving immunization information systems and describes user experiences with different types of systems. It also provides advice on feasibility in different contexts. It draws on evidence gathered during project Optimize demonstrations in Albania, Guatemala, Senegal, South Sudan, Tunisia, and Vietnam.

Publication date: May 2013

Region: Global

Part of series: Project Optimize evidence brief series

The Case for Childhood Immunization

Author: Kane M; Lasher H

Publication date: 2002

Region: Global

Part of series: CVP Occasional Papers

The Case for Investing in Cervical Cancer Prevention

This document provides evidence on cervical cancer's burden of disease and the importance of women

Author: Sherris J; Castro W; Levin C; Dzuba I; Arossi S

Publication date: 2004

Region: Global

Part of series: Cervical Cancer Prevention: Issues in Depth

The Case for Investment in Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli Vaccines

This market assessment aims to increase the awareness of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies worldwide about the opportunities and potential markets that exist for low-cost and effective vaccines against enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC). In addition, it provides donors and commercial investors with a better understanding of the potential risks, rewards, and gaps in knowledge relative to these opportunities as they consider their own investment strategies. The resulting analysis demonstrates that ETEC vaccines may represent a moderate opportunity for industry investment with an estimated annual revenue potential of more than US$600 million ten years after global launch.

Publication date: March 2011

Region: Global

The Case for Preventing Malnutrition Through Improved Infant Feeding and Management of Childhood Illness

This poster and accompanying handout, presented by the IYCN Project at the 10th Commonwealth Association of Paediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition Congress on Diarrhoea & Malnutrition in August 2009, make a case for investing in prevention of severe acute malnutrition (SAM) rather than in the universal introduction of SAM treatment.

Publication date: September 2009

Region: Global

Case Study: Andhra Pradesh -- Introducing and Scaling Up a Sharps Waste Management Program

Publication date: 2006

Region: Asia

A Catalyst for Innovation: PATH's Use of Flexible Funding in 2009

This report shares highlights of PATH's use of flexible funding in 2009, featuring our work to improve nutrition using sweet potatoes in rural Africa, to encourage gender equality and healthy behavior among children in Nicaragua, and to save women’s lives by using oxytocin in the BD Uniject® device in Argentina.

Publication date: September 2010

Region: Global

Part of series: Reports to contributors

Catalyzing Healthier Labor Migration: Working on Health and Development in Source Communities in Cambodia and Destinations in Thailand

Through PROMDAN, agencies in Thailand and Cambodia responded to the issue of uninformed labor migration. The project aimed to increase access to health services and make labor migration beneficial for migrants and their families. This report documents the development, implementation, and impact of the project.

Publication date: March 2010

Region: Asia

Cervical Cancer Prevention at PATH: Two Decades of Progress Toward a World Free of HPV-Related Cancers

Supported by a seed grant from the World Bank, PATH began to focus on cervical cancer in 1991. Since then, our portfolio has expanded tremendously, thanks in large part to grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In this report, we describe our key cervical cancer prevention initiatives.

Publication date: April 2013

Region: Global

Cervical Cancer Prevention in Western Province

This is one of a series of fact sheets that describe PATH's current and past work in Kenya. The fact sheets focus on specific projects as well as unique approaches that cut across projects. This fact sheet describes the work of the Western Kenya Cervical Cancer Prevention Project.

Publication date: June 2006

Region: Africa

Cervical Cancer Prevention Initiatives at PATH: Two Decades of Progress Toward a World Free of HPV-Related Cancers

PATH’s key areas of work in cervical cancer prevention are described in depth in this 12-page publication.

Publication date: August 2008

Region: Global

Cervical Cancer Project in Vietnam

This fact sheet provides an overview of PATH's work to prevent and treat cervical cancer in Vietnam, including human papillomavirus vaccine introduction research, vaccine demonstration, a screening and treatment pilot model, and advocacy.

Publication date: May 2011

Region: Asia

Cervical Cancer Screening and Treatment in Low-Resource Settings: Practical Experience From PATH

From 2006 to 2011, PATH conducted HPV vaccination demonstration projects in India, Peru, Uganda, and Vietnam to provide evidence for decision-making about public-sector introduction of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines. This report, part of the Cervical Cancer Prevention: Practical Experience Series on the RHO Cervical Cancer website, examines the second component of a successful cervical cancer prevention program—screening and treatment of adult women for precancerous lesions.

Publication date: 2013

Region: Global

Cervical Cancer, Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and HPV Vaccines: Key Points for Policy-Makers and Health Professionals

This booklet summarizes and updates the World Health Organization (WHO) document Human Papillomavirus and HPV Vaccine: Technical Information for Policy-Makers and Health Professionals and the WHO/UNFPA guidance note Preparing for the Introduction of HPV Vaccines—Policy and Programme Guidance for Countries. They are available in the STIs/RTIs section of the WHO website.

Publication date: 2007

Region: Global

Chagas Immunochromatographic Strip Test

Part of the Technology Updates series, this fact sheet describes PATH's work to develop a rapid, easy-to-read, low-cost test for Chagas disease.

Publication date: July 2013

Region: Global

Part of series: Technology Updates

Challenging Assumptions: Breastfeeding and HIV/AIDS

This two-page policy brief discusses the benefits of breastfeeding in light of the risk of perinatal HIV transmission. Recommendations include increasing adoption of recent World Health Oragnization guidelines on infant feeding and HIV and extending support to cover the first two years of life.

Publication date: March 2008

Region: Global

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