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10 Key Findings and Recommendations for Effective Cervical Cancer Screening and Treatment Programs

In early 2007, partners of the Alliance for Cervical Cancer Prevention met to assess newly analyzed results of key studies in India, Peru, South Africa, and Thailand. These new data spurred the partners to outline ten key findings and recommendations for global policy and practice related to cervical cancer screening and treatment in low-resource settings.

Publication date: April 2007

Region: Global

10 Tips for Successful Malaria Vaccine Advocacy

This booklet presents advocacy tips, success stories, and examples of efforts to bridge the worlds of science and policymaking and to help ensure that policymakers at national, regional, and international levels have the information needed to make timely and informed decisions as soon as a first malaria vaccine becomes available for use.

Publication date: February 2012

Region: Africa

2012 Annual Report: Innovation in Motion

PATH’s health solutions touched the lives of more than 118 million people around the world in 2012. Our 2012 annual report highlights our milestones in three focus areas: diarrheal disease and pneumonia; family health; and malaria. It also features innovations in technology development and country-based health programs, a financial summary, and information about our donors, leadership, and global presence.

Publication date: May 2013

Region: Global

Part of series: Annual reports

3D News: Perspectives on Defeating Diarrheal Disease’s 3D News: Perspectives on Defeating Diarrheal Disease provides news and views for advocates, program implementers, policymakers, and anyone interested in the growing momentum for defeating the second-leading killer of children worldwide. The newsletter offers the latest on interventions and solutions, profiles of partners and success stories, summaries of recently published reports, upcoming events, and more.

Publication date: 2014

Region: Global

Part of series: E-newsletters

Ability and Willingness to Pay for Family Planning in Vietnam

This study offers policy analysis of data previously collected on the ability and willingness to pay for family planning in Vietnam. PATH is helping the government of Vietnam to design a total market approach to family planning, which calls for a coordinated response by the full range of family planning service providers to meet a population’s diverse needs.

Author: Winfrey W

Publication date: November 2010

Region: Asia

About PATH

This fact sheet provides an overview of PATH's mission, global presence, areas of focus, partners, funding, and recent awards. It is available in English, French, Russian, and Spanish.

Publication date: November 2012

Region: Global

Accelerating New Vaccine Development Against Pneumonia and Other Pneumococcal Diseases: Advancing Vaccines Against the Leading Cause of Childhood Deaths

This fact sheet highlights PATH's work to develop new vaccines against pneumococcal disease, one of the leading causes of death in children less than five years old in the developing world.

Publication date: August 2013

Region: Global

Acceptability of a Modified Nipple Shield Device to Reduce Breast Milk Transmission of HIV in Developing Countries: A Qualitative Study

Presented at the XVIII International AIDS Conference in 2010, this poster summarizes the results of a PATH and FHI analysis of the hypothetical acceptability of a modified nipple shield device (MNSD). This novel, low-cost MNSD is based on a conventional nipple shield that could be used discreetly by HIV-positive mothers to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV during breastfeeding.

Author: Israel-Ballard K, Hart C, Thungu F, Joanis C, Baniecki ML, Sokal D

Publication date: July 2010

Region: Africa

Access for All: The Secretariat of the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition Annual Report 2010

The Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition is a global partnership dedicated to making essential reproductive health products available in low- and middle-income countries. As the Coalition’s administrative and operative arm, the Secretariat works to ensure that our partnership functions smoothly and achieves its goals. This report highlights key successes achieved in 2010.

Publication date: 2011

Region: Global

ACCP Strategies for Supporting Women With Cervical Cancer

This report provides an overview of current issues relating to cancer treatment in developing countries, followed by descriptions of existing support for cancer patients in countries where ACCP has worked and the support provided by ACCP projects. Finally, this report provides recommendations, based on ACCP experiences, for the provision of basic assistance at the national or local level to women with cervical cancer, within the context of a prevention-based intervention in low-resource settings.

Author: White SC; Winkler JL; ACCP Community Involvement Affinity Group

Publication date: 2004

Region: Global

Achieving Effective Sharps Waste Management in GAVI Host Countries

This document presents an analysis of safer sharps-waste management activities, including practical options using available or emerging technologies. The analysis includes an estimate of the baseline burden of disease from unsafe injection practices, the proposed solutions' potential impact on burden of disease, and a cost-effectiveness analysis of the proposed solutions.

Publication date: June 2006

Region: Global

Achieving the Global Vision for Future Immunization Supply and Logistics Systems: Action Plans

Developed in collaboration with national and international partners and coordinated by project Optimize, these action plans describe specific activities and strategies designed to help achieve the 2020 vision for immunization supply and logistics systems. The vision and action plans are divided into five priority areas: vaccine products and packaging, immunization supply system efficiency, environmental impact of immunization supply systems, immunization information systems, and human resources for immunization logistics.

Publication date: September 2012

Region: Global

Active Management of the Third Stage of Labor (AMTSL) Learning Materials

The USAID-funded Prevention of Postpartum Hemorrhage Initiative developed a learning package on the prevention of postpartum hemorrhage consisting of a reference manual, participant’s notebook, and facilitator’s guide. This learning package was developed for use by nurses, midwives, and doctors providing childbirth and immediate postpartum care. Information about implementing active management of the third stage of labor is featured in this reference manual as well as the corresponding participant’s notebook and facilitator’s guide. The reference manuals and facilitators' guides are available as one large file and also in smaller sections for easier downloading.

Author: Prevention of Postpartum Hemorrhage Initiative (POPPHI)

Publication date: 2007

Region: Global

Active Management of Third Stage of Labour: A Clinical Tutorial

PATH's Maternal and Newborn Health Technology Initiative, in collaboration with South Africa's KwaZulu Natal Department of Health, produced this essential training video on active management of the third stage of labor. Using real clinical footage, this video presents the information, skills, and practices that birth attendants need to routinely provide this life-saving intervention and prevent postpartum hemorrhage. To obtain free copies of the video on CD-ROM, please email a request to For optimal viewing of the low-resolution versions posted here, save the files to your hard drive by right-clicking on the links below and selecting “Save target as." Please note: the Clinical Tutorial and Core Topics files require Windows Media Player, available as a free download from Microsoft.

Publication date: January 2008

Region: Global

Activities and Stakeholders in the Global Water Sector: A Preliminary Analysis

This is part of a series of project briefs discussing the activities, research findings, and field experiences of PATH’s Safe Water Project. The project briefs are available in two formats: one for onscreen viewing and one for booklet-style printing.

Author: Snyder B

Publication date: January 2008

Region: Global

Part of series: Safe water briefs

Adaptation of Immunoassays for Multiplexed Diagnosis of a Diverse Panel of Pathogens Associated With Acute Febrile Illness

This poster summarizes PATH’s recent activities as part of a consortium lead by the University of Washington to develop the DxBox, a system comprising a portable instrument and low-cost disposable cards. The prototype is being developed to diagnose typhoid fever, dengue fever, rickettsial diseases, malaria, measles, and influenza. PATH’s contributions are immunoassay development, field studies, and user needs assessment. Presented at The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH), November 12, 2006; Atlanta, GA.

Author: Gerlach JL, Singhal MC, Watts K, et al

Publication date: November 2006

Region: Global

Addressing Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health in a Complex World: Outlook 30th Anniversary Issue

Adolescents and their sexual and reproductive health needs are in the global health spotlight. This issue of Outlook provides an overview of the sexual and reproductive health needs of adolescents, gives examples of different approaches to addressing those needs, and highlights some of the most intractable challenges.

Author: Wells E

Publication date: December 2013

Region: Global

Part of series: Outlook

Addressing Gender and Gender-Based Violence to Improve Health

This fact sheet highlights PATH's gender work.

Publication date: July 2012

Region: Global

Addressing Poor Health in Nairobi's Slums

This is one of a series of fact sheets that describe PATH's current and past work in Kenya. The fact sheets focus on specific projects as well as unique approaches that cut across projects. This fact sheet describes the work of the Nairobi Urban Health and Poverty Partnership to address the poor health outcomes associated with rapid urbanization and the related inaccessibility of adequate basic services.

Publication date: June 2006

Region: Africa

Addressing the Emerging Diabetes Epidemic in Low-Resource Settings

This fact sheet provides an overview of PATH’s efforts to develop evidence-based programs focused on diabetes prevention and control. Sixty percent of all deaths worldwide each year are due to chronic disease, mostly in low- and middle-income countries, where people develop the diseases at younger ages, suffer longer, and die earlier in life.

Publication date: May 2013

Region: Global

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