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Subject: Health technologies
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Sure Start: Helping Mothers and Newborns Thrive

Sure Start is an initiative intended to catalyze sustainable improvements in maternal and newborn health through effective community action in selected districts of Uttar Pradesh and urban sites of Maharashtra, India. The Sure Start project has been designed to complement and support the Government of India’s commitment to improving maternal and newborn health. This fact sheet gives an overall picture and progress of the project to date.

Publication date: July 2009

Region: Asia

Part of series: Sure Start publications

Sustaining Progress: Creating US Policies to Spur Global Health Innovation

The third annual policy report from the Global Health Technologies Coalition outlines actions the United States can take to help reduce deaths, extend lives, and secure healthier futures by supporting research for new health tools.

Publication date: 2012

Region: North America and Europe

Part of series: GHTC's annual policy reports

Tackling the Biggest Maternal Killer: How the Prevention of Postpartum Hemorrhage Initiative Strengthened Efforts Around the World

The Prevention of Postpartum Hemorrhage Initiative (POPPHI), funded by USAID, developed this document to summarize the projects and activities that took place over its five-year history. The report focuses on the challenge of postpartum hemorrhage and the mechanisms developed by POPPHI to address it. It also provides an overview of the tools, including resources and policy changes, that were accomplished. Finally, the document also highlights specific work done by PATH, its partners, and the POPPHI team in scale-up and small grant countries. The report is available as one large file or as four smaller files for easier downloading.

Publication date: December 2009

Region: Global

Tackling Tuberculosis and Diabetes

In low-resource settings, diabetes and tuberculosis are common among the same populations, and they amplify each other. PATH's principles and experiences guide our work in fighting these intersecting epidemics through innovation and collaboration.

Publication date: December 2012

Region: Global

Taking Advantage of the True Heat Stability of Vaccines

Project Optimize, a World Health Organization and PATH collaboration, is working to enable immunization programs to take advantage of the true stability of vaccines by labeling them for use at ambient temperatures in a controlled temperature chain for limited periods of time as appropriate to the stability of the antigen.

Publication date: July 2012

Region: Global

Target Product Profile: HIV Self-Test Version 4.1: A White Paper on the Evaluation of Current HIV Rapid Tests and Development of Core Specifications for Next-Generation HIV Tests

This annotated target product profile (TPP) describes the desired characteristics of an HIV self-test and is a result of a review of currently available literature, interviews with key informants/stakeholders, laboratory-generated data on the performance of rapid tests, and early usability studies in Kenya, Malawi, and South Africa. The purpose of the TPP is to provide a common foundation for the development of HIV self-tests that contains sufficient detail to allow device developers and key stakeholders to understand the characteristics a test must have to be successful.

Author: Peck RB, Lim JM, Wellhausen JD, Lee AM, Valdez MM

Publication date: May 2014

Region: Global

Technologies for Injection Safety

Part of the Technology Updates series, this fact sheet describes PATH's work on safe injections and waste management.

Publication date: October 2013

Region: Global

Part of series: Technology Updates

Technologies for Reproductive Health Website

This website about the technologies for reproductive health work within the Technology Solutions program provides an overview of the group and its featured projects. See other PATH program websites.

Publication date: 2014

Region: Global

Part of series: Program websites

Technology Solutions by the Numbers

This fact sheet highlights PATH's health technology solutions from the past 30 years.

Publication date: May 2014

Region: Global

Technology Solutions Global Program Website

This website about PATH’s Technology Solutions program provides an overview of the program and its featured projects. See other PATH program websites.

Publication date: 2014

Region: Global

Part of series: Program websites

Technology Solutions to Improve Global Health: PATH Advances Appropriate, Affordable, and Lifesaving Technologies Tailored to Developing Countries

This fact sheet provides an overview of PATH's work to adapt, design, develop, and advance health technologies to improve global health.

Publication date: December 2011

Region: Global

Part of series: Areas of focus fact sheets

Temperature Monitoring Devices

Maintaining proper temperatures for vaccine products is challenging, especially in places with extremely hot or cold climates, unreliable electricity, and weak transportation infrastructure. This three-part banner and these handouts display devices prequalified by the World Health Organization that assess vaccine handling quality, detect malfunctioning equipment, and prevent temperature fluctuations that can negatively impact vaccine potency and safety. These are part of the project Optimize traveling exhibit featuring immunization supply chain innovations being developed and tested around the world.

Publication date: August 2013

Region: Global

Part of series: Supply Systems for Today and Tomorrow: Project Optimize traveling exhibit

Temperature Monitoring for Vaccine Quality

In collaboration with the Albanian Ministry of Health, project Optimize has installed a short message service–based system that monitors and logs temperature conditions in peripheral cold chain equipment. The team aims to assess the benefits of remote alarm systems over nonconnected temperature loggers.

Publication date: July 2012

Region: Global

Temperature Recording System in National Vaccine Stores of Khartoum, Sudan, and Tehran, Iran

Both Iran and Sudan utilize an alarm-based temperature recording system to monitor the performance of their national immunization cold stores. To better the utility and application of such systems in other countries, this project Optimize report documents the benefits, challenges, and advantages of both Iran’s and Sudan’s systems.

Author: Haghgou, M

Publication date: May 2010

Region: Global

A Test for Detection of HPV-16 E6

Demonstration of the use of a magnetic immunochromatographic strip (ICS) assay with a reader to detect recombinant HPV-16 E6. The magnetic ICS assay was able to detect as little as 2.6ng of protein. Presented at: 38th Annual Oak Ridge Conference, April 20, 2006; San Jose, CA.

Author: Peck R, Schweizer J, Weigl B, et al

Publication date: May 2006

Region: Global

Three Water Filters Interchange the Rules: Working Together to Increase Access to Safe Water for Low-Income Families

PATH’s Safe Water Project is implementing innovative methods to enable commercial enterprises to produce, distribute, sell, and maintain effective household water treatment and safe storage (HWTS) products for low-income populations in multiple developing countries around the world. This poster summarizes PATH's product development process to design and commercialize an HWTS device that specifically meets the needs of low- and middle-income families. This poster was presented at the Water and Health: Where Science Meets Policy conference hosted by the University of North Carolina Water Institute in October 2011.

Author: Lennon P, Beddoe A, Zwisler G

Publication date: October 2011

Region: Global

Training Health Workers in the Management of Sharps Waste

This training manual is available for downloading in four sectioons: first, the guide for facilitation; second, the guide for training injection providers; third, the guide for training waste handlers; and fourth, resources.

Author: Berman A; Nelson C

Publication date: 2005

Region: Global

Training Manual: Training Providers on Packaging Nevirapine Oral Suspension Using the Nevirapine Infant-Dose Pouch

This manual assists programs in training staff for the introduction of the nevirapine infant-dose pouch into programs for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV (PMTCT). It is intended for adaptation based on individual program needs.

Author: Berman A; Brooke S

Publication date: 2006

Region: Global

The Transformative Power of Global Health Research: Leadership in Innovation Saves Lives and Provides Economic Benefits to the US

This fact sheet from the Global Health Technologies Coalition examines how US leadership in global health research helps to saves lives worldwide and provides domestic economic benefits.

Publication date: March 2011

Region: North America and Europe

Treatment Alternatives for Medical Waste Disposal

This document describes technology options for treating infectious medical waste, including incineration, chemical treatment, autoclaving, microwaving, and shredding/compacting. Performance issues, environmental impact, and perspectives from several developing countries are described.

Publication date: October 2005

Region: Global

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