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Subject: Reproductive health
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Involving Men in Reproductive Health (Outlook, vol. 14, no. 3)

Author: Wells E

Publication date: January 1997

Region: Global

Part of series: Outlook

Developing Health and Family Planning Materials for Low-Literate Audiences: A Guide

This manual describes techniques for communicating information to illiterate and low-literate audiences. The essence of the materials development process described in this guide is interaction with representatives of the groups for whom the materials are developed. Members of target audiences are the “experts” about the messages that need to be conveyed as well as how best to communicate these messages. This methodology may be applied to develop materials beyond the scope of health and family planning to other issues, such as water and sanitation, agriculture, and nutrition.

Author: Zimmerman M, Newton N, Frumin L, Wittet S

Publication date: 1996

Region: Global

Captain Condom and Lady Latex at War With the Army of Sex Diseases

PATH and Center for Youth Services, with assistance from youth and staff at several Washington, DC, youth programs, produced this comic on condom use and the prevention of sexually transmitted infections. Captain Condom and Lady Latex was one of several products resulting from Plain Talk, a PATH project in the mid-1980s funded by the Ford Foundation.

Publication date: 1989

Region: Global

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