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A Test for Detection of HPV-16 E6

Demonstration of the use of a magnetic immunochromatographic strip (ICS) assay with a reader to detect recombinant HPV-16 E6. The magnetic ICS assay was able to detect as little as 2.6ng of protein. Presented at: 38th Annual Oak Ridge Conference, April 20, 2006; San Jose, CA.

Author: Peck R, Schweizer J, Weigl B, et al

Publication date: April 2006

Region: Global

The Transformative Power of Global Health Research: Leadership in Innovation Saves Lives and Provides Economic Benefits to the US

This fact sheet from the Global Health Technologies Coalition examines how US leadership in global health research helps to saves lives worldwide and provides domestic economic benefits.

Publication date: March 2011

Region: North America and Europe

Validation and Stability of Retinol-Binding Protein: Evidence From Tanzania

This document assesses the correspondence between retinol and retinol-binding protein (RBP), as well as the stability of RBP subjected to varying temperature conditions over time, the effect of light, and the feasibility of using dried blood spots. The assessment is part of a larger project examining the use of the RBP enzyme immunoassay (RBP-EIA) to test for vitamin A deficiency.

Publication date: 2006

Region: Africa

Validation of a Retinol-Binding Protein-Enzyme Immunoassay (RBP-EIA), Using Serum Specimens Collected From the Guinea-Bissau Health Project

This document shares data from Guinea-Bissau that provide validation of the retinol-binding protein enzyme immunoassay (RBP-EIA) test from serum samples, while also providing initial data on the feasibility of using dried blood samples as a specimen type for the assessment of vitamin A deficiency in the field.

Publication date: 2006

Region: Africa

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