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Subject: About PATH's work > Strengthening health systems

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PATH in Cambodia: A Longstanding Commitment to Better Health

PATH has been a partner in Cambodia's public health efforts since 1995. We are helping to support the reconstruction of the health system—largely destroyed during the 1970s—and build capacity across the public, private, and civil-society sectors. This brochure describes our work in childhood immunization, reproductive and child health, and tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV/AIDS.

Publication date: December 2010

Region: Asia

PATH in Ethiopia: Driving Transformative Innovation to Address Maternal and Child Health and Infectious Disease

This brochure outlines PATH's work in Ethiopia to improve health. We work side by side with Ministry of Health officials, nongovernmental organizations, multilateral agencies, and other development-sector partners to mobilize partners, resources, and communities to reach the most vulnerable. Our alliances and relationships across every level of Ethiopia's health system allow us to strengthen health care services, build stronger health infrastructure, and reach families and communities with lifesaving interventions.

Publication date: October 2013

Region: Africa

PATH in India: Harnessing Innovation to Improve Health in India and Around the World

This brochure outlines PATH's work in India, where we're addressing a range of health problems while leveraging the country’s growing capacity to innovate and contribute to global health solutions.

Publication date: December 2013

Region: Global

PATH in Kenya: Innovation and Partnership to Improve Health

This brochure outlines PATH's work to help Kenya's health care sector improve services and strengthen community networks while empowering Kenyans to adopt healthier lifestyles. PATH offers novel approaches and technical expertise to address a range of health challenges, and we manage projects that reach millions of Kenyans.

Publication date: November 2011

Region: Africa

PATH in South Africa: A Comprehensive Approach to Improving Maternal and Child Health

This brochure outlines PATH's work to improve health in South Africa by bringing effective interventions to the people who need them most. Our interventions make birth safer, enhance infant and young child health, combat HIV/AIDS, strengthen health systems, and support improved sanitation.

Publication date: October 2011

Region: Africa

PATH in Tanzania: Using Integrated Approaches to Expand Solutions for Tuberculosis, HIV, and Other Health Challenges

This brochure describes PATH's work in Tanzania, including how we improve services for tuberculosis and HIV, protect communities from malaria, expand cervical cancer options for women, and address other pressing health issues.

Publication date: December 2011

Region: Africa

PATH in Ukraine and the Region

Brochure of PATH's activities in the region.

Publication date: December 2008

Region: Eastern Europe

The PATH Rotavirus Vaccine Program: Equal Protection Against a Childhood Threat

This fact sheet provides an update on the activities of the PATH Rotavirus Vaccine Program, which aims to dramatically reduce the typical 10- to 15-year timeline between introduction of new vaccines in wealthy countries and their availability in the developing world. Activities include measuring disease burden, determining vaccine efficacy and safety in developing countries, communicating the value of rotavirus vaccines, and generating information on the health economics of rotavirus vaccination.

Author: Phillips D

Publication date: April 2007

Region: Global

PATH's Framework for Health Services Integration

Integration of health services—within communities, health organizations, broader health systems, and across sectors—is one way PATH works to improve global health. This overview brochure describes PATH's framework for health services integration, while four case studies provide specific examples of PATH's integration work.

Publication date: July 2011

Region: Global

PATH's Japanese Encephalitis Project: Collaboration and Commitment to Protect Asia's Children

This report summarizes the activities and achievements of PATH's Japanese encephalitis project (2003–2009), which aimed to accelerate availability of a safe and efficacious vaccine to vulnerable communities throughout Asia. Technical fact sheets bundled with the report provide guidance on disease surveillance, cost-effectiveness, advocacy, vaccine introduction, and more. The report is available as one large file or as four smaller files for easier downloading.

Publication date: October 2010

Region: Asia

PATH's Maternal and Newborn Health Technology Initiative

This brochure describes PATH’s work in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, through the Maternal and Newborn Health Technology Initiative (MNTI).

Author: Gundry, D

Publication date: June 2008

Region: Africa

PATH’s Experience in Strengthening Health Systems

Strengthening health systems is a core component of PATH’s overall mission to improve the health of people around the world. We pursue deliberate and measurable outcomes related to service management, policy, financing, supply systems, human resources, and information and monitoring systems. This document describes PATH’s experience in strengthening health systems.

Publication date: August 2008

Region: Global

Pharmacy Provision of Youth-Friendly Services: A Toolbox with Resources for On-the-Job Training of Pharmacy Staff in Cambodia

A resource for on-the-job training of pharmacy staff that reinforces knowledge about STIs, EC, and regular contraceptive methods as well as provision of youth-friendly services.

Author: Srimuangboon H; Hutchings J; Weldin M

Publication date: 2005

Region: Asia

Piloting a Malaria Public-Private Mix Model in Cambodia

This fact sheet describes PATH's work to improve malaria diagnosis, treatment, and referral practices in the private sector to contain drug-resistant parasites in Cambodia.

Publication date: January 2011

Region: Asia

Provider Payment Reform and Information Technology Systems: A Chicken and Egg Question for National Health Coverage Programs

This paper addresses key implementation questions raised by countries on the journey toward universal health coverage. It also provides concrete data so that policymakers and information technology (IT) professionals alike may understand the ramifications of the provider payment choice on IT systems.

Author: Wilson K, Latko B, Cashin C, et al.

Publication date: September 2013

Region: Global

Public-Private Mix for TB-HIV Control

This fact sheet provides an overview of PATH's work in Vietnam to control tuberculosis and HIV by enhancing referrals from the private sector to existing public-sector prevention and treatment services, thus improving case detection.

Publication date: September 2012

Region: Asia

Public-Private Mix: Involving Pharmacies and Other Providers in TB Control - A Cambodia Case Study

This document describes the successful introduction of a public-private mix program designed to increase the detection of tuberculosis in Cambodia. It is hoped that health programs in other high-burden countries will find this a useful guide for introducing or scaling up their own public-private mix activities.

Publication date: September 2011

Region: Asia

Reaching Youth Through Pharmacies

This fact sheet describes the work of the RxGen Project.

Publication date: June 2006

Region: Africa

Saving Children Through Program and Policy Integration: A Peek Into PATH’s Coordinated Approach to Curbing Pneumonia and Diarrhea in Cambodia

PATH and our partners implemented the Enhanced Diarrheal Disease Initiative in 2011 to tackle the leading killers of Cambodian children under five years old: pneumonia and diarrheal disease. The program successfully strengthened policies related to diarrheal disease and pneumonia and implemented a new integrated package of services within rural communities. This document is a condensed version of the case study Tackling Pneumonia and Diarrheal Disease Through Program and Policy Coordination.

Publication date: February 2013

Region: Asia

Scaling Up Lifesaving Commodities for Women, Children, and Newborns: An Advocacy Toolkit

This toolkit provides information about the UN Commission on Life-Saving Commodities (the Commission), 13 priority commodities, and examples of how its ten recommendations to improve access and availability are being applied globally and within countries. It also provides advocacy resources for utilizing the Commission platform to raise awareness and engage stakeholders in addressing commodity-related gaps in policy.

Author: Kade K, Kingshott E, Latimer A, Nieuwenhuyus B, Pacque M, Fox S, Lias N

Publication date: December 2013

Region: Global

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