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Region: Asia

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Vietnam: Progress Beyond High Coverage - Increasing Immunization Program Quality, Safety, and Efficiency

Publication date: January 2007

Region: Asia

Vietnam’s Immunization Registries Go Online

In Vietnam, project Optimize worked with government and software partners to help introduce a digital immunization registry. This brief describes how the registry allowed the health system to better track children due for vaccination and shortened the time required for recording and reporting immunizations compared to the existing paper-based registry.

Publication date: January 2013

Region: Asia

Where Child Meets Survival: Healthy Start for Child Survival in Indonesia

This report describes a project that sought to improve maternal health and child survival in Indonesia by strengthening Lombok's existing birth-centered system by delivering preventive health services to postpartum women and infants at or within one week of birth.

Publication date: June 1998

Region: Asia

Women's Right to Choose: Partnerships for Safe Abortion in Nepal

This booklet documents the early steps and achievements in the process of implementing the reformed abortion law in Nepal, highlighting the roles and activities of the many stakeholders involved. A range of issues and initiatives are covered, related to the establishment of services, training of staff, monitoring of services, legal points, advocacy and information dissemination, and behavior change communication.

Publication date: 2005

Region: Asia

Working with District Health Offices in ASUH

Description of the work carried out with district health offices in Indonesia.

Publication date: 2003

Region: Asia

A Workplace-Based Life-Planning Skills Training Program for Migrant Youth in Shenzhen, China

Out-of-school adolescent migrants in urban areas are a difficult group to reach. They are also more likely than students to need adolescent sexual and reproductive health information and services. These documents report on a study to evaluate the impact of a work-based training program in life-planning skills conducted with young, unmarried migrants in Shenzhen, China. A full report is provided in English, with summaries in both English and Chinese.

Publication date: August 2005

Region: Asia

Youth and Responsibility Go Hand-in-Hand: A Peer Education Program at Guangzhou University

Guangzhou University is a pilot site of the China Youth Reproductive Health project. This case study describes a peer education program in the university and documents the lessons learned, including the program’s impact, successes, challenges, and students’ reactions. It also provides suggestions for sustaining the program.

Publication date: June 2005

Region: Asia

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