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Subject: Health technologies > Safe injection

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Summary Report: Evaluation of Retractable Syringes in a Measles-Rubella Immunization Campaign in Peru

In 2006, UNICEF, the Peruvian Ministry of Health, and PATH performed an evaluation in Peru to assess perceptions of acceptability and safety of automatic retractable syringes in an immunization setting and their affect on waste disposal. The evaluation showed that retractable syringes were seen as a reliable, easy-to-use, preferred alternative to standard disposables in the campaign setting. The evaluation also found that retractable syringes have the potential to improve the safe management of sharps waste.

Publication date: October 2008

Region: Global

Technology Solutions to Improve Global Health: PATH Advances Appropriate, Affordable, and Lifesaving Technologies Tailored to Developing Countries

This fact sheet provides an overview of PATH's work to adapt, design, develop, and advance health technologies to improve global health.

Publication date: December 2011

Region: Global

Part of series: Areas of focus fact sheets

Treatment Alternatives for Medical Waste Disposal

This document describes technology options for treating infectious medical waste, including incineration, chemical treatment, autoclaving, microwaving, and shredding/compacting. Performance issues, environmental impact, and perspectives from several developing countries are described.

Publication date: October 2005

Region: Global

Using Oxytocin in the Uniject™ Injection System (10 IU in 1 ml)

This job aid provides written and pictoral instruction for health workers for the administration of oxytocin in the Uniject™ injection system.

Publication date: August 2011

Region: Global

Using Oxytocin in the Uniject™ Injection System for the Prevention of Postpartum Hemorrhage: A Training Presentation for Health Workers

This presentation is a tool for training health workers on how to use oxytocin in the Uniject™ injection system. The tool is editable so that facilitators can tailor it to their program's needs. It is available in English and Spanish.

Publication date: August 2011

Region: Global

Using Uniject to Increase the Safety and Effectiveness of Hepatitis B Immunization

Author: Nelson C; Widjaya A; Wittet S

Publication date: 2002

Region: Global

Part of series: CVP Occasional Papers

Vaccine Resource Library Website

PATH’s Vaccine Resource Library (VRL) seeks to gather the world’s best immunization resources in a single, easy-to-use website. The VRL offers a wide variety of high-quality, scientifically accurate documents and links on specific diseases and topics in immunization. It is geared for health professionals in the developing and industrialized worlds, as well as for journalists, policymakers, community leaders, parents, and others interested in vaccine-related resources. The resources found on the VRL are collected from a variety of sources, including news media, scientific journals, and leaders in public health.

Publication date: 2014

Region: Global

Part of series: Websites

Vaccine Technologies at PATH

PATH and our partners have been advancing innovative vaccine technologies for more than 30 years. This report outlines our approach and capabilities. It also describes a number of individual vaccine technologies at various stages of development and market introduction to put this work in context. 

Publication date: September 2010

Region: Global

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