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Indian Regulatory Systems for Product Approval

Available on CD-ROM, this interactive tool addresses the Indian regulatory systems for product approval in the areas of drugs, vaccines, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostics, and biofortified foods. It compares the Indian and US Food and Drugs approval processes; lists key institutions and individuals in India involved in regulatory approvals; lists organizations, committees, and groups that are part of the regulatory system; and provides a database of referenced extracts of key legislations, forms, and templates. This interactive tool allows users to build and analyze various scenarios of product approval applications. Easy-to-navigate and hyperlinked flowcharts provide indicative timelines for approvals, so users can map the various stages in the approval process.

Publication date: November 2007

Region: Asia

PATH's Framework for Product Introduction

This paper focuses on PATH's product introduction activities. It also outlines the lessons learned and principles used to measure the impact of our efforts to reach underserved populations and improve global health.

Author: Goodyear L; Harner-Jay C; Burns M

Publication date: 2007

Region: Global

Cleaning and Disinfection of Thermal Cautery Equipment

This job aid discusses cleaning and disinfection of thermal cautery equipment for vasectomy.

Author: Y. Seamans

Publication date: 2005

Region: Global

Improving Global Health Through Technology Solutions

Publication date: 2003

Region: Global

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