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Leveraging Research in Foreign Assistance

This fact sheet from the Global Health Technologies Coalition examines the role of innovation in international development and makes recommendations to elevate global health research in the foreign aid reform process.

Publication date: July 2010

Region: North America and Europe

Saving Lives With Multipurpose Prevention Technologies: Turning Ideas Into Solutions for Sexual and Reproductive Health

This publication describes the public health potential of multipurpose prevention technologies -- that is, technologies that prevent unintended pregnancy; sexually transmitted infections, including HIV; and/or other reproductive tract infections. While a few such technologies exist, greater collaboration and resources are needed to accelerate research and development efforts and bring new technologies into widespread use.

Author: Holt BY, Kilbourne-Brook M, Cohen J, Burns M

Publication date: May 2010

Region: Global

Oxytocin in the Uniject® Prefilled Injection Device: Guatemala Pilot Introduction: Cost Analysis of Replacing Oxytocin in Ampoules With Oxytocin in the Uniject® Prefilled Injection Device for Active Management of the Third Stage of Labor at the Institutional Level in Guatemala

The purpose of this cost analysis study conducted at six health facilites was to determine the costs of replacing the existing delivery method with oxytocin in Uniject® for the prevention of postpartum hemorrhage. This study complements a larger study on acceptability and feasibility, Pilot Introduction of Oxytocin in Uniject® During Active Management of the Third Stage of Labor (AMTSL) at the Institutional Level in Guatemala.

Publication date: March 2010

Region: Latin America

Pilot Introduction of Oxytocin in Uniject® During Active Management of the Third Stage of Labor (AMTSL) at the Institutional Level in Guatemala

This report shares the results of a pilot introduction of oxytocin in the Uniject® device for use with active management of the third stage of labor that was conducted at the institutional level in Guatemala in 2009. Results include details on the feasibility of introducing oxytocin in Uniject in this context as well as the acceptability of this technology among health care providers and facility managers. The cost analysis can be found here.

Publication date: March 2010

Region: Latin America

Innovation in Action: Policies to Accelerate Development and Delivery of Global Health Tools

This report, the first annual policy report of the Global Health Technologies Coalition, makes recommendations for Congress and the Obama Administration to ensure that the United States maximizes its investment in global health and continues as a leader in global health research and development. The report makes recommendations in three areas: public financing, regulatory pathways, and incentives and innovative financing.

Publication date: 2010

Region: North America and Europe

Part of series: GHTC's annual policy reports

Iron-Fortified Rice Is As Efficacious As Supplemental Iron Drops in Infants and Young Children

Improving iron status among infants and young children is of continued concern in low- to middle-income countries. This article, published in The Journal of Nutrition, reports on a double-blind, randomized trial among mildly anemic children in Brazil that compared use of rice fortified with micronized ferric pyrophosphate using the Ultra Rice technology with identical nonfortified rice. The study found that, in populations where young children are routinely fed approximately 100 grams of cooked rice daily, fortifying rice with iron may improve iron status at least as well as providing free iron drops.

Author: Beinner M, Velasquez-Meléndez G, Pessoa MC, Greiner T

Publication date: November 2009

Region: Global

A HealthTech Reference List: Key References and Resources for the Introduction of Oxytocin in the Uniject™ Device

This compilation contains key references and resources to aid program planners in the introduction of oxytocin in the Uniject™ prefilled injection device.

Publication date: September 2009

Region: Global

Fortified Rice for the Midday Meal: A Case Study of Ultra Rice in a Naandi Kitchen in Andhra Pradesh

This case study highlights PATH's work with the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition and the Naandi Foundation to introduce rice fortified with iron-enriched grains into the government of India's Mid-day Meal Scheme in Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. The fortified rice was served daily for one school year to 60,000 children under the government-sponsored Mid-day Meal Scheme. A peer-reviewed study found that school children in India between the ages of 5 and 12 years who ate fortified rice had a significant increase in iron stores.

Publication date: June 2009

Region: Global

HIV/AIDS Technologies: A Review of Progress to Date and Current Prospects

This paper was commissioned as an introductory landscape analysis for the aids2031 Science and Technology Working Group as part of a series of working papers under the aids2031 initiative. The paper builds on other recent landscape analysis work in the fields of HIV prevention technologies, therapeutics, and diagnostics and is intended to serve as a resource on the current status of research and development for biomedical and other technological interventions to prevent, treat, and diagnose HIV/AIDS.

Author: Alcorn K

Publication date: October 2008

Region: Global

Part of series: aids2031 working papers

Introduction of Fortified Rice Using the Ultra Rice® Technology: Frequently Asked Technical Questions

This document provides important details on technical aspects of the Ultra Rice® technology.

Publication date: October 2008

Region: Global

Introducing Oxytocin in the Uniject™ Device: An Overview for Decision-Makers

This overview has been developed for program planners considering introduction and/or expansion of the use of oxytocin, and in particular oxytocin packaged in the Uniject™ device, to reduce the incidence of postpartum hemorrhage as a component of their maternal and child health programming. Administering oxytocin is just one component of active management of third stage labor.

Publication date: September 2008

Region: Global

Supportive Supervision to Sustain Health Worker Capacity in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam and North Sumatera

This document summarizes PATH’s work in Indonesia to sustain best practices among health workers in project provinces through a supportive supervision program.

Publication date: April 2008

Region: Global

Assessing Ultra Rice

This document briefly examines some of the research that has been conducted on Ultra Rice. From positive consumer acceptance and nutrient retention studies to impressive efficacy trials on improving vitamin A and iron levels, Ultra Rice has been proven to be an effective, low-cost rice fortification technology.

Publication date: November 2007

Region: Global

Indian Regulatory Systems for Product Approval

Available on CD-ROM, this interactive tool addresses the Indian regulatory systems for product approval in the areas of drugs, vaccines, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostics, and biofortified foods. It compares the Indian and US Food and Drugs approval processes; lists key institutions and individuals in India involved in regulatory approvals; lists organizations, committees, and groups that are part of the regulatory system; and provides a database of referenced extracts of key legislations, forms, and templates. This interactive tool allows users to build and analyze various scenarios of product approval applications. Easy-to-navigate and hyperlinked flowcharts provide indicative timelines for approvals, so users can map the various stages in the approval process.

Publication date: November 2007

Region: Asia

PATH's Framework for Product Introduction

This paper focuses on PATH's product introduction activities. It also outlines the lessons learned and principles used to measure the impact of our efforts to reach underserved populations and improve global health.

Author: Goodyear L; Harner-Jay C; Burns M

Publication date: 2007

Region: Global

Cleaning and Disinfection of Thermal Cautery Equipment

This job aid discusses cleaning and disinfection of thermal cautery equipment for vasectomy.

Author: Y. Seamans

Publication date: 2005

Region: Global

Improving Global Health Through Technology Solutions

Publication date: 2003

Region: Global

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