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Subject: Emerging and epidemic diseases
Publication date: All

PATH Today (Winter 2004)

This issue of PATH Today features a film that PATH produced to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS among migrant communities in Cambodia and Thailand. Other highlights: "Adoption" strategy increases immunization in Senegal; Women's stories, women's lives: a publication demonstrating the challenges of preventing cervical cancer in developing countries; opportunities to engage in global health.

Publication date: December 2004

Region: Global

Part of series: PATH Today

PATH Today (Winter 2005)

Publication date: December 2005

Region: North America and Europe

Part of series: PATH Today

PATH Today (Winter 2008)

This issue of PATH Today features a profile of PATH donor Diana Carey and her family, a report from PATH Journeys travelers to Vietnam, and brief updates on the 25th anniversary of Outlook, Forbes’ "most efficient charities" list, and more. The issue also highlights the year-end matching challenge.

Publication date: December 2008

Region: Global

Part of series: PATH Today

PATH Today (Winter 2009)

This issue of PATH Today features a profile of PATH donor Miriam Sevy and her travels with PATH to Kenya, information about our work in Kenya, and an update on our new headquarters building in downtown Seattle. The issue also highlights Ultra Rice® winning the Tech Award, PATH's profile in a new book about the importance of individual donors, and the year-end matching challenge.

Publication date: December 2009

Region: Global

Part of series: PATH Today

PATH Today (Winter 2011)

This issue of PATH Today features our work in vaccines, with a focus on how PATH is making "hidden solutions" available, and describes lifesaving changes in South Africa's infant feeding policies. It also includes news from our malaria and meningitis work, an announcement of PATH's new blog, and a profile of PATH donor Lora Kaiser.

Publication date: December 2011

Region: Global

Part of series: PATH Today

PATH Today (Winter 2012)

This issue of PATH Today leads with the Mama SASHA project, which is improving nutrition, agriculture, and prenatal health care in Kenya. PATH's work to increase access to breast cancer screening in rural Peru is also featured, and donors Bryan and Martha Kim share why contributing to PATH is a smart investment. News briefs include an update about family planning and new work in Myanmar.

Publication date: November 2012

Region: Global

Part of series: PATH Today

PATH's Work in HIV and AIDS

This fact sheet provides a brief overview of PATH's work in HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care, and advocacy.

Publication date: 2006

Region: Global

PATH's Work in Tuberculosis

Fact sheet describing some of PATH's global HIV/AIDS and TB.

Author: Crawford K; Gerber W

Publication date: 2005

Region: Global

PATH's Work in Tuberculosis: Collaborating on Innovative and Sustainable Solutions for a TB-Free World

Since 2001, PATH has brought our global health expertise and innovative approaches to the fight against tuberculosis. We work hand in hand with global partners with a special focus on high-burden countries.

Publication date: September 2013

Region: Global

PATH’s Ukraine TB and TB/HIV Projects

PATH has worked successfully in tuberculosis control in Ukraine in close collaboration with local, national, and international partners since its work as a subcontractor to the World Health Organization (WHO). With support from the US Agency for International Development, PATH is now expanding comprehensive activities to expand DOTS in eight regions of the country. This article outlines project goals, accomplishments, and partners.

Author: Gamazina K, Okromeshko S

Publication date: November 2007

Region: Eastern Europe

A Phase 3 Trial of RTS,S/AS01 Malaria Vaccine in African Infants

This article, published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), reports results from a pivotal, large-scale Phase 3 trial of RTS,S/AS01 malaria vaccine. When compared to immunization with a control vaccine, infants (aged 6 to 12 weeks at first vaccination) vaccinated with RTS,S had one-third fewer episodes of both clinical and severe malaria and had similar reactions to the injection. In this trial, RTS,S demonstrated an acceptable safety and tolerability profile. The abstract of this article is available through the NEJM by clicking on "Visit web page" below, or for free access to the full lenth article please visit and click on "Read the NEJM article."

Publication date: December 2012

Region: Africa

A Pilot Introduction of the Nevirapine Infant-Dose Pouch in Kenya in Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT) Programs

This document provides a summary of the pilot introduction project in Kenya to provide nevirapine syrup to mothers prior to delivery to assist with the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

Publication date: October 2006

Region: Global

Piloting a Malaria Public-Private Mix Model in Cambodia

This fact sheet describes PATH's work to improve malaria diagnosis, treatment, and referral practices in the private sector to contain drug-resistant parasites in Cambodia.

Publication date: January 2011

Region: Asia

Policy and Advocacy Efforts for HIV and AIDS Prevention: The AIDS Surveillance and Education Project in the Philippines

Author: Aquino C; D'Agnes L; Castro J; Borromeo M; Schmidt K; Gill K

Publication date: 2003

Region: Global

Preventing HIV Among High-Risk Populations in Georgia

This publication provides a fact sheet on the STI and HIV Prevention (SHIP) Project in Georgia.

Author: Gamazina K; Wood S; Bishop A

Publication date: 2006

Region: Eastern Europe

Preventing HIV/AIDS in Low-Resource Settings (Outlook, vol. 19, no. 1)

Author: Castro W; Lande R; Burns M

Publication date: May 2001

Region: Global

Part of series: Outlook

Preventing Prevention Trial Failures: A Case Study and Lessons for Future Trials from the 2004 Tenofovir Trail in Cambodia

Between August 2004 and February 2005, the HIV prevention world was rocked by the suspension and cancellation of PrEP effectiveness trials in Cambodia and Cameroon. Acknowledging that no single version of the events constitutes the “real story,” the case studies are built from extensive interviews with researchers, policymakers, other government officials, donors, nongovernmental organization staff, and advocates to reconstruct often incompatible accounts of what eventually led to government intervention that halted the research. The case studies capture the political context and backdrop against which the controversies arose, the underlying and unaddressed conflicts that led to the costly collapse of two trials, and the lessons they provide for current and future research.

Author: Forbes A, Mudaliar S

Publication date: February 2009

Region: Global

Preventing the Spread of TB: Improving Infection Prevention and Control in India’s Health Facilities

This project brief describes one aspect of PATH’s contributions to tuberculosis (TB) control in India. With the support of the United States Agency for International Development, PATH worked with India’s Revised National TB Control Program to implement new national guidelines on airborne infection control in India. Work included developing education materials for health workers and their patients, convening experience-sharing workshops for national TB program staff, and training local engineers and architects to design effective infection-control measures within health facilities.

Publication date: May 2014

Region: Asia

Part of series: Tuberculosis activities in India

Preventing the Spread of Tuberculosis in India: Improving Infection Control in Health Facilities

PATH is working across the spectrum of the health care system to strengthen infection control in high-risk settings across India. This is the story of how PATH’s work to upgrade health facilities in India helped ensure that the Chowdawaram Community Health Center in the state of Andhra Pradesh was able to protect patients and health care workers from the airborne transmission of tuberculosis (TB) within the facility. It is one of a series of success stories that showcase some of the ways that PATH’s work in TB is having an impact on people’s lives in a variety of settings around the world. This work was made possible through generous funding from the US Agency for International Development.

Publication date: February 2012

Region: Asia

Part of series: Tuberculosis success stories

Private Health Care Sector Involvement in Provision of TB/HIV Collaborative Services in Tanzania

This poster provides an overview of PATH’s work to scale up detection, treatment, and prevention of tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS in Tanzania.

Author: Makame M

Publication date: November 2007

Region: Africa