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Subject: Emerging and epidemic diseases
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HIV-SRH Convergence: Policy and Practice Update 2

This document is the second in a series of periodic policy and practice updates about work undertaken by PATH on the convergence of HIV services and sexual and reproductive health services in India.

Author: Sellers T; Saha A; Panda M; Bidla RK; Virk AK

Publication date: March 2007

Region: Asia

Part of series: HIV-SRH Convergence newsletters

HIV-SRH Convergence: Policy and Practice Update 3

This newsletter provides an overview of programs within and outside of India that are converging or integrating sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and HIV/AIDS services. It also shares some of the successes, challenges, and best practices emerging from these programs. It is available in two formats: one for onscreen viewing and one for booklet-style printing.

Publication date: April 2009

Region: Asia

Part of series: HIV-SRH Convergence newsletters

HIV-SRH Convergence: Policy and Practice Update 4

This policy and practice update provides an overview of the demonstration project implemented by PATH and partners in the Patna and Muzaffarpur districts of Bihar and in the Srikakulam district in Andhra Pradesh. In this issue, we describe the project and field activities and share some selected findings from our interactions with communities and health care providers.

Publication date: December 2009

Region: Asia

Part of series: HIV-SRH Convergence newsletters

HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis Global Program Website

This website about PATH’s HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis global program provides an overview of the program and its featured projects. See other PATH program websites.

Publication date: 2014

Region: Global

Part of series: Program websites

HIV/AIDS Technologies: A Review of Progress to Date and Current Prospects

This paper was commissioned as an introductory landscape analysis for the aids2031 Science and Technology Working Group as part of a series of working papers under the aids2031 initiative. The paper builds on other recent landscape analysis work in the fields of HIV prevention technologies, therapeutics, and diagnostics and is intended to serve as a resource on the current status of research and development for biomedical and other technological interventions to prevent, treat, and diagnose HIV/AIDS.

Author: Alcorn K

Publication date: October 2008

Region: Global

Part of series: aids2031 working papers

Hormonal Contraception and HIV: New Findings, but Policies Remain Unchanged (Outlook, vol. 22, no. 1)

This issue of Outlook describes the latest research findings regarding whether there is a relationship between hormonal contraception and HIV acquisition, transmission, or progression. It also explores the effects of hormonal contraception on women living with HIV/AIDS and discusses how reproductive health programs can respond to emerging information.

Author: Weil B

Publication date: March 2006

Region: Global

Part of series: Outlook

Hormonal Contraception, IUDS, and HIV Risk (Outlook, vol. 17, no. 1)

Author: Bishop A; Kilbourne-Brook M; Wells E

Publication date: April 1999

Region: Global

Part of series: Outlook

Importance of Community-Based Tuberculosis Care and Support: Godfrey’s Story

This is the story of how a young man, suffering from tuberculosis (TB), was rescued by a friend at a community-based organization that, with support from PATH, helps identify, refer, and supervise TB treatment in Karatu, Tanzania. This story is one of a series of success stories that showcase some of the ways that PATH’s work in TB is having an impact on people’s lives in a variety of settings around the world. This work was made possible through generous funding from the US Agency for International Development.

Publication date: March 2014

Region: Africa

Part of series: Tuberculosis success stories

Improving Child Health and HIV-Free Survival: A Review of Current Research on Risks and Benefits of Infant Feeding Options for HIV-Positive Moms

This is a handout of a poster presented at the International AIDS Conference in Vienna, Austria, in July 2010. The document presents evidence concerning the effect of breastfeeding avoidance and early cessation on child mortality and HIV-free survival in developing countries.

Publication date: July 2010

Region: Global

Improving Delivery of Nevirapine for Infants

This is one of a series of fact sheets that describe PATH's current and past work in Kenya. The fact sheets focus on specific projects as well as unique approaches that cut across projects. This fact sheet describes work to improve single-dose packaging of nevirapine for programs to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

Publication date: June 2006

Region: Africa

Improving Health for Families Everywhere: PATH Reaches Mothers, Children, and Communities With Key Innovations for Strong Futures

PATH has worked to improve maternal and child health, nutrition, and family planning in developing countries for more than 30 years. This brochure describes our integrated approach to reach mothers, children, and communities with key innovations for strong futures.

Publication date: May 2010

Region: Global

Improving Labor Migration Processes and Protection of Migrant Workers From Cambodia and Thailand: Issues and Recommendations

Through PROMDAN, agencies in Thailand and Cambodia responded to the issue of uninformed labor migration. The project aimed to increase access to health services and make labor migration beneficial for migrants and their families. This fact sheet outlines issues and recommendations for stakeholders.

Publication date: March 2010

Region: Asia

Improving Maternal and Child Health in South Africa: PATH's Project Portfolio Addresses the Intersection of HIV and Vulnerable Mothers and Children

This brief provides a description of PATH's work in South Africa. Projects focus on advancing health technologies for mothers and children, preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV, caring for caregivers of orphans and vulnerable children, advocating for sound microbicides research in Africa, supporting midwives who work on HIV and AIDS, and strengthening tuberculosis infection prevention and control.

Publication date: February 2010

Region: Africa

Improving Nutrition for Mothers and Children

This fact sheet provides a brief overview of the Infant & Young Child Nutrition Project.

Publication date: July 2009

Region: Global

Improving Women's and Children's Health in Senegal

This fact sheet provides an overview of PATH's work in Senegal. Since 2001, PATH has worked side by side with government and community partners in Senegal to reduce the burden of infectious disease, improve family planning and reproductive health, and strengthen health systems to save lives.

Publication date: December 2013

Region: Africa

In Our Own Hands: A Case Study on Mobilizing Demand for HIV Prevention for Women

This document offers a history of the Global Campaign for Microbicides as a global organizing effort and locates it within the history of both the women’s health movement and the AIDS movement. This history provides insights and lessons that can help inform future efforts to organize around important global issues.

Author: Forbes A, Dube S, Gottemoeller M, Irungu P, Patel B, Thambinayagam A, Webb R, and West-Slevin K

Publication date: December 2013

Region: Global

In Women’s Hands: A Film on Women, HIV, and Hope

Filmed in several locations across the world, this short documentary is a tool for organizing and creating awareness around the increasing rates of HIV and sexually transmitted infections among women and the importance of advocacy for microbicides. The personal stories portrayed in In Women’s Hands speak to the need for microbicides and the importance for leadership on this issue.

Publication date: 2004

Region: Global

Increased Access to Diagnostic Tests for HIV Case Management

This paper was commissioned for the aids2031 Science and Technology Working Group as part of a series of working papers under the aids2031 initiative. In line with thinking about the future development of new tools for diagnosis of HIV infection, this paper presents an analysis of issues related to diagnostic tests for HIV case management and explores four possible scenarios in which these tests could be performed.

Author: Gerlach J, Boyle D, Domingo G, Weigl B, Free M

Publication date: November 2008

Region: Global

Part of series: aids2031 working papers

Increasing Vaccine Supply to Protect Against Influenza

This fact sheet describes a project that PATH is implementing in collaboration with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority within the US Department of Health and Human Services. The project is supporting the enhancement of sustainable influenza vaccine production in Vietnam. PATH is collaborating with various groups in Vietnam to facilitate the production and clinical evaluation of safe and effective influenza vaccines and synergizing activities with work already under way in Vietnam through the World Health Organization.

Publication date: October 2013

Region: Asia

Increasing Women's Access to and Use of HIV Mother-to-Child Transmission Prevention Interventions in Ukraine

In this publication you will find a fact sheet that describes the Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT) Project in Ukraine.

Author: Gamazina K; Mogilevkina I; Bishop A

Publication date: 2006

Region: Eastern Europe

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