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Subject: Reproductive health > Sexually transmitted infections

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Implementing HPV Vaccination Programs: Practical Experience From PATH

This report is part of the Cervical Cancer Prevention: Practical Experience Series on the RHO Cervical Cancer website. It offers practical information to countries that plan to pilot, expand, or scale up human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination programs. The main focus is on issues specific to HPV vaccination, such as working with a young adolescent target population in school settings and developing community support for HPV vaccination programs.

Publication date: 2011

Region: Global

In Women’s Hands: A Film on Women, HIV, and Hope

Filmed in several locations across the world, this short documentary is a tool for organizing and creating awareness around the increasing rates of HIV and sexually transmitted infections among women and the importance of advocacy for microbicides. The personal stories portrayed in In Women’s Hands speak to the need for microbicides and the importance for leadership on this issue.

Publication date: 2004

Region: Global

Integration of Services for HIV/AIDS and Sexual and Reproductive Health: Pilot Projects in India Have Paved the Way for Wider Use of Effective Models, Strategies, and Tools

The HIV/AIDS pandemic has compelled the fields of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and HIV/AIDS to better leverage their strengths. This report outlines the feasibility of convergence through an examination of the potential opportunities and existing barriers to different types of linkages between SRH and HIV services in India.

Publication date: January 2012

Region: Asia

Integration of Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS Services

This fact sheet provides an overview of sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS service integration and PATH’s experience in this area.

Publication date: December 2008

Region: Global

Interpersonal Communication for Action on HIV (InterAct IPC): A Guide to Dialogue-Based Communication Methods to Help Key Populations Put HIV Messages Into Practice in India

This toolkit aims to provide interpersonal communication methods to help key population communities identify and address barriers to putting HIV prevention messages into practice in their own lives and within their own contexts. This toolkit was developed by PATH for nongovernmental and community-based organizations and for government health care providers working with key populations on targeted interventions. The methods can also be adapted for use by organizations working on HIV care, support, and treatment.

Publication date: 2008

Region: Asia

Kill or Cure? The Real Lady Killer

This film in the BBC World’s Kill or Cure? series uncovers the challenges of preventing and treating cervical cancer in Africa and highlights exciting new opportunities for dramatically reducing the toll of disease. The BBC crew follows Sarah Nyombi—Ugandan member of parliament, trained midwife, and women's health advocate—as she explores the landscape of cervical cancer. The film is available in two versions: 25 minutes and 12 minutes.

Publication date: July 2009

Region: Global

Part of series: Kill or Cure? videos

Magnet Theatre in India: A Guide to Using Theatre to Reduce HIV Risk and Promote an Enabling Environment for HIV Prevention, Care, and Treatment

This toolkit aims to help key population communities use Magnet Theatre to reduce their risk of HIV and promote an enabling environment for HIV prevention, care, and treatment. This toolkit was developed by PATH for key population troupes trained in Magnet Theatre to use as a reference for their rehearsals and performances. It is also intended for organizations that provide technical and financial support to Magnet Theatre troupes.

Publication date: 2007

Region: Asia

Messaging Framework for India: Multipurpose Prevention Technologies

This messaging framework was developed to support advocates as they raise awareness and build support for multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs) for reproductive health in India. The framework provides a menu of messaging options that advocates can use in presentations, brochures, websites, speeches, or other outreach efforts to help advance support for MPTs in India. It is designed as a trifold brochure.

Publication date: December 2012

Region: Asia

Microbicide Delivery Device

Part of the Technology Updates series, this fact sheet describes PATH's work on microbicide delivery devices.

Publication date: April 2012

Region: Global

Part of series: Technology Updates

New and Underused Reproductive Health Technologies

The Caucus on New and Underused Reproductive Health Technologies is a community of practice established under the auspices of the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition, for which PATH serves as Secretariat. Caucus members developed this series of peer-reviewed briefs on underused reproductive health technologies. Responsibility for the selection and contents of the briefs rests solely with the Caucus and does not imply endorsement of any single technology by the Coalition or its wider membership. The briefs are available in one combined file as well as separately. For more information on the Caucus, please visit or contact

Publication date: May 2012

Region: Global

A New HPV-DNA Test for Developing Countries

Demonstration of a new 48-well HPV DNA batch test showing analytical sensitivity to 5000 copies of HPV DNA and other test characteristics that may be suitable for use in low-resource settings. Presented at: 22nd International Papillomavirus Conference, April 30, 2005; Vancouver, BC.

Author: Eder P, Nazarenko I, Peck R, Weigl B, Sellors J, Lorincz A

Publication date: May 2005

Region: Global

A New Immunochromatographic Strip Test for Neisseria Gonorrhoeae

The development of a rapid and simple immunochromatographic strip test using the L7/L12 Neisseria gonorrhoeae, testing using clinical samples. Presented at: 15th Biennial Congress, International Society of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Research, July 27, 2003; Ottawa, Canada.

Author: Matsyshen D, Svanas G, Maynard J, Tam M, Burgess Hay DC

Publication date: July 2003

Region: Global

Paper Microbicide Applicators: A Low-Cost Solution to Increase Access to HIV Prevention Methods

Since 2003, PATH has conducted a wide range of activities to inform and advance the development of novel microbicide-delivery methods that are safe, acceptable, affordable, and appropriate for use in low-resource settings. This fact sheet describes how PATH identified a paper, user-filled applicator as an important, practical option that could help reduce cost per dose, thereby improving access to microbicide products in impoverished regions most affected by HIV.

Publication date: June 2012

Region: Global

Participatory Site Assessment: A Guide to Generating Information to Design Community-Based Interventions for HIV Prevention in India

This toolkit aims to help key population communities mobilize themselves for HIV prevention and to generate information to design HIV prevention interventions and services. This toolkit was developed by PATH for nongovernmental and community-based organizations that intend to implement HIV risk-reduction projects and targeted interventions with key populations.

Publication date: 2007

Region: Asia

PATH in China: Joining With Diverse Partners to Create Sustainable Health Solutions

This brochure outlines PATH's work in China, with emphasis on public-private partnerships for product development. Areas of focus include vaccines and immunization, health technologies, and women's health.

Publication date: November 2012

Region: Asia

PATH in Ethiopia: Driving Transformative Innovation to Address Maternal and Child Health and Infectious Disease

This brochure outlines PATH's work in Ethiopia to improve health. We work side by side with Ministry of Health officials, nongovernmental organizations, multilateral agencies, and other development-sector partners to mobilize partners, resources, and communities to reach the most vulnerable. Our alliances and relationships across every level of Ethiopia's health system allow us to strengthen health care services, build stronger health infrastructure, and reach families and communities with lifesaving interventions.

Publication date: October 2013

Region: Africa

PATH Today (Fall 2000)

Publication date: September 2000

Region: Global

Part of series: PATH Today

PATH Today (Spring 1998)

Publication date: May 1998

Region: Global

Part of series: PATH Today

PATH Today (Spring 1999)

Publication date: May 1999

Region: Global

Part of series: PATH Today

Pharmacy Provision of Youth-Friendly Services: A Toolbox with Resources for On-the-Job Training of Pharmacy Staff in Cambodia

A resource for on-the-job training of pharmacy staff that reinforces knowledge about STIs, EC, and regular contraceptive methods as well as provision of youth-friendly services.

Author: Srimuangboon H; Hutchings J; Weldin M

Publication date: 2005

Region: Asia

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