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Attitudes Toward Tuberculosis (TB) Services Among People Living With HIV and AIDS (PLHA) in Ukraine

This poster presentation describes the results of the exit interviews conducted with 312 tuberculosis (TB) patients who may or may not be HIV-positive and five focus group discussions conducted with people living with HIV and AIDS (PLHA) in Kyiv City and Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine. This poster was presented at the XVI AIDS conference in Toronto, August 13-18, 2006.

Author: Gamazina K; Zaika N; Bishop A

Publication date: 2006

Region: Eastern Europe

Monitoring and Evaluation of Indicators of Diagnosis and Treatment of Tuberculosis (TB) Cases Using Cohort Analysis

This manual provides information on using cohort analysis.

Author: Dadu A

Publication date: 2006

Region: Eastern Europe

Support to Ukraine in Implementing Its National TB Program

In this document you will find a fact sheet describing the tuberculosis (TB) Project in Ukraine.

Author: Gamazina K; Tsarenko A; Bishop A

Publication date: 2006

Region: Eastern Europe

Lights of Hope: A National Communication Strategy for Fighting Tuberculosis in Kenya

This publication describes Lights of Hope, a stand-alone National Tuberculosis Communication Strategy for use in Kenya in the fight against tuberculosis (TB). It is based on a study of health-seeking behaviours among Kenyans, strategy design workshops with stakeholders, and meetings with frontline TB workers.It presents a strategy for reducing the impact of TB in Kenya through communication strategies aimed at behavior change.

Publication date: 2005

Region: Africa

PATH's Work in Tuberculosis

Fact sheet describing some of PATH's global HIV/AIDS and TB.

Author: Crawford K; Gerber W

Publication date: 2005

Region: Global

Directions in Global Health (Volume 1, Issue 2)

This issue of Directions in Global Health profiles five PATH projects: Entre Amigas, which is reaching young adolescent girls in Nicaragua with reproductive health and life skills; the Healthy Start for a Healthy Life project, which is improving the care of newborns in Indonesia; the Ukraine TB project, which is implementing training and IEC activities to control tuberculosis; PATH's Children's Vaccine Program, which is managing medical waste in Nepal; and the Horizons program, which is influencing gender norms among young men in Brazil.

Publication date: May 2004

Region: Global

Part of series: Directions in Global Health

Supporting National TB Programs to Expand DOTS

Brochure describing PATH's national TB programs to expand DOTS. Created for a global meeting on TB in Paris, Oct/Nov. 2004.

Author: Hanson C; Gerber W

Publication date: 2004

Region: Global

Tuberculosis: A Global Health Emergency (Outlook, vol. 17, no. 3)

Author: Nguyen T

Publication date: November 1999

Region: Global

Part of series: Outlook

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