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Directions in Global Health (Volume 3, Issue 3)

This issue of Directions in Global Health features five PATH projects: preparing for an avian influenza outbreak in Ukraine and Georgia; improving nevirapine packaging for prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission; preventing postpartum hemorrhage through the POPPHI initiative; increasing access to safe abortion in Nepal; and supportive supervision of immunization programs in Vietnam.

Author: PATH

Publication date: December 2006

Region: Global

Part of series: Directions in Global Health

Surveillance and Control of Human Cases of Avian Influenza: Provisional Guidelines for Public Health Services in Georgia

Outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza are occurring in domestic fowl in many countries, posing a considerable human public health risk. The guidelines outlined in this report are the first attempt to provide comprehensive recommendations to help Georgian health workers promptly identify, report, confirm, and classify potential cases of avian influenza in humans; analyze data; investigate and respond to cases and outbreaks; and improve other aspects of an early warning system for humans. They are most appropriate for the current stage of pandemic preparedness (phases 3 to 4 of the World Health Organization [WHO] Pandemic Alert Period) and designed primarily for health personnel working at rayon and regional public health centers. In addition to general recommendations for the human avian influenza surveillance system as a whole, the guidelines include specific sections devoted to communication with the public as well as infection control in health facilities.

Publication date: 2006

Region: Eastern Europe

PATH Today (Winter 2005)

Publication date: December 2005

Region: North America and Europe

Part of series: PATH Today

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