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Vietnam: Demonstrating Innovative Health Supply Chain Solutions

This document describes how project Optimize is collaborating with Vietnam’s National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology to demonstrate innovations in the supply chain that can help to meet the demands of an increasingly large and costly portfolio of vaccines.

Publication date: July 2012

Region: Asia

Vietnam: Progress Beyond High Coverage - Increasing Immunization Program Quality, Safety, and Efficiency

Publication date: January 2007

Region: Asia

Vietnam’s Immunization Registries Go Online

In Vietnam, project Optimize worked with government and software partners to help introduce a digital immunization registry. This brief describes how the registry allowed the health system to better track children due for vaccination and shortened the time required for recording and reporting immunizations compared to the existing paper-based registry.

Publication date: January 2013

Region: Asia

Yellow Fever Vaccination: The Potential of Dose-Sparing to Increase Vaccine Supply and Availability

PATH commissioned this report in an effort to evaluate whether dose-sparing, possibly through the intradermal (ID) route, could improve the availability of yellow fever vaccine globally. The authors identify and discuss potential benefits, possible obstacles, and associated costs of dose-sparing as a vaccine delivery strategy. In addition, the report includes an assessment of which settings would be most appropriate and to what extent novel ID delivery devices, such as needle-free disposable-syringe jet injectors, would help to facilitate its successful implementation.

Author: Hickling J, Jones R

Publication date: May 2013

Region: Global

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