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DefeatDD Website is an interactive website aimed at informing and inspiring advocates committed to joining their voices and raising awareness about diarrheal disease. The website hosts a weekly blog about advances in diarrheal disease control and provides key documents and links to information on simple, lifesaving interventions that have the potential to significantly impact diarrhea incidence worldwide.

Publication date: 2015

Region: Global

Part of series: Websites

2013 Annual Report: Accelerating Innovation

In 2013, PATH and our partners touched the lives of more than 219 million people with new vaccines and drug treatments, breakthrough health tools, and powerful strategies to change the course of disease. Our 2013 annual report highlights our achievements across five innovation platforms.

Publication date: May 2014

Region: Global

Part of series: Annual reports

The Arise Program: Enhancing HIV Prevention Programs for At-Risk Populations

With funding from the Canadian International Development Agency, PATH is working to address the information gap on how to best tailor and scale up proven HIV prevention strategies among at-risk populations through cost-effective interventions in India, Senegal, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Publication date: April 2014

Region: Global

Projecting Health: Engaging Communities Through Visual Communication

In many parts of the world, simple, proven interventions can change behaviors and improve the health of mothers and newborns. PATH’s innovative social behavior change and communication model, Projecting Health, focuses on empowering communities to use digital media to effectively improve local health knowledge and behaviors. Find out more about PATH's work in digital health solutions.

Publication date: March 2014

Region: Global

Kenya's Munyang'anyi Primary: The WASH-Friendly School

A Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Program introduced by APHIAplus Western Kenya has considerably reduced diarrheal cases among students at Munyang’anyi Primary School in Kenya’s Bungoma County.

Publication date: November 2013

Region: Africa

Driving Transformative Innovation . . . To Save Lives

This institutional brochure provides a high-level overview of PATH's work to drive transformative innovation and shape how global health interventions save lives and strengthen communities.

Publication date: August 2013

Region: Global

Barriers to Access and Use of Public TB Diagnostic Services in Vietnam

This report dissects research results assessing access to and use of public tuberculosis (TB) diagnostic services in nine districts of Vietnam. The report identifies barriers to accessing public-sector TB diagnostic services at the individual, provider, and health system levels.

Publication date: February 2013

Region: Asia

Tackling Pneumonia and Diarrheal Disease Through Program and Policy Coordination: A Case Study of PATH's Integrated Approach in Cambodia

This case study highlights how PATH's Enhanced Diarrheal Disease Initiative can serve as a model for an integrated advocacy and implementation approach to childhood pneumonia and diarrheal disease, which could be replicated in other districts of Cambodia and other countries across the world. This case study is a comprehensive version of the shorter Saving Children Through Program and Policy Integration.

Publication date: January 2013

Region: Asia

mHealth, eHealth, Reproductive Health (Outlook, vol. 29, no. 1)

This issue of Outlook explores the promise and current realities of new information technologies in service to reproductive health programming in low-resource settings (including HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment and maternal and child health interventions). The issue examines new approaches and looks to the future for current needs and potential solutions. Find out more about PATH's work in digital health solutions and reproductive health.

Author: Wittet S

Publication date: December 2012

Region: Global

Part of series: Outlook

Meeting the Global Challenge of HIV/AIDS: Our Strategies and Expertise Help Communities Reduce Risk and Provide Access to Lifesaving Services

PATH is committed to collaborating with partners around the world to improve and expand effective HIV/AIDS prevention, diagnosis, care, and treatment services. Using evidence-based, integrated, and innovative approaches, our work reaches communities across Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America.

Publication date: July 2012

Region: Global

Piloting Retail and Direct Sales Models for Household Water Treatment Products in Cambodia: PATH Partners With Hydrologic and VisionFund to Increase Household Water Treatment

PATH’s Safe Water Project is implementing innovative methods to enable commercial enterprises to produce, distribute, sell, and maintain effective household water treatment and safe storage products for low-income populations in multiple developing countries around the world. This fact sheet summarizes PATH's work in partnership with Hydrologic Social Enterprise and VisionFund to explore the viability of distributing household water treatment devices through retail and direct sales models.

Publication date: June 2012

Region: Asia

Combining Forces in Cambodia to Overcome Childhood Diarrhea and Pneumonia

This fact sheet provides an overview of PATH's ongoing work in Cambodia to integrate diarrhea and pneumonia control. At the national level, PATH collaborated with the Cambodia Ministry of Health to strengthen policy so that effective interventions and appropriate and reliable supplies are made available throughout the public- and private-health sectors as well as in the community to reduce the burden of diarrheal disease and pneumonia among children in Cambodia. PATH also worked on a district-level demonstration project to put policy into practice and inform expansion throughout the country. Through this integrated approach to community health, Cambodia is addressing the two most dangerous threats to its children and is already making a significant and lasting impact.

Publication date: March 2012

Region: Asia

PATH and HIV/AIDS: Applying a Range of Strategies Across Multiple Populations to Achieve Measurable Impact

PATH has worked to reduce the global impact of HIV and AIDS since the epidemic’s inception. Our collaborative approach to leadership and our technical approach to programming align closely with the US Global Health Initiative framework to promote strong health systems. This capability statement summarizes how we've conducted HIV-related activities covering a broad array of populations in 35 countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America.

Publication date: February 2012

Region: Global

PATH in Kenya: Innovation and Partnership to Improve Health

This brochure outlines PATH's work to help Kenya's health care sector improve services and strengthen community networks while empowering Kenyans to adopt healthier lifestyles. PATH offers novel approaches and technical expertise to address a range of health challenges, and we manage projects that reach millions of Kenyans.

Publication date: November 2011

Region: Africa

Part of series: Country brochures

Diarrheal Disease and Childhood Pneumonia in Cambodia

Childhood pneumonia and diarrheal disease are the two leading causes of preventable deaths among children under the age of five in Cambodia and around the world. This fact sheet gives an overview of how PATH is working on an integrated approach to the prevention and treatment of these two illnesses in Cambodia.

Publication date: August 2011

Region: Asia

APHIA II Western Project: Best Practices and Promising Interventions

This report is a review of the USAID-funded AIDS, Population, and Health Integrated Assistance (APHIA II Western) Project, which operated at the provincial level in Western Kenya from December 2006 to December 2010. The project focused primarily on increasing the use of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis health services, the adoption of healthier behaviors, the promotion of family planning and reproductive health services, and maternal and child health. The report is available as one large file or several smaller files.

Publication date: March 2011

Region: Africa

Making Progress Against HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis: PATH Combines Wide-Ranging Expertise With Effective Strategies to Meet Urgent Global Challenges

This brochure provides an overview of PATH's work to reduce the burden of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis around the world. It outlines PATH's overall approach, key strategies, and core competencies.

Publication date: July 2010

Region: Global

Catalyzing Healthier Labor Migration: Working on Health and Development in Source Communities in Cambodia and Destinations in Thailand

Through PROMDAN, agencies in Thailand and Cambodia responded to the issue of uninformed labor migration. The project aimed to increase access to health services and make labor migration beneficial for migrants and their families. This report documents the development, implementation, and impact of the project.

Publication date: March 2010

Region: Asia

Improving Labor Migration Processes and Protection of Migrant Workers From Cambodia and Thailand: Issues and Recommendations

Through PROMDAN, agencies in Thailand and Cambodia responded to the issue of uninformed labor migration. The project aimed to increase access to health services and make labor migration beneficial for migrants and their families. This fact sheet outlines issues and recommendations for stakeholders.

Publication date: March 2010

Region: Asia

Healthy Mothers and HIV-Free Babies: Preventing Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV in South Africa's Eastern Cape Province

This document describes the work of the Khusela project, which focuses on integrating services for family planning, reproductive health, and prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

Publication date: February 2010

Region: Africa

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