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Subject: Reproductive health > Adolescent health

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Tuko Pamoja: A Guide for Talking With Young People About Their Reproductive Health

This guide was developed for Public Health Technicians working with the Ministry of Health as part of the Kenya Adolescent Reproductive Health Project. However, it can be used by anyone wishing to broaden his or her understanding of adolescent reproductive health issues and improve his or her ability to communicate with young people.

Author: Martin S

Publication date: 2006

Region: Africa

Tuko Pamoja: Adolescent Reproductive Health and Life Skills Curriculum

In this document you will find ways in which the Kenya Adolescent Health Project curriculum helps facilitate dialogue between adults and young people on issues related to adolescent reproductive health. It is for teachers; community, religious, and youth group leaders; health care professionals; and anyone working with young people. The curriculum is designed to delay sexual debut, promote sexual and reproductive health and equip adolescents with life skills. Within this curriculum, facilitators can examine and clarify their own values and attitudes toward gender and relationships, build knowledge on sexual and reproductive health, and develop participatory facilitation skills to impart crucial life-saving information to young people. This curriculum is for use with adolescents aged 10 to19. It contains 30 sessions that focus on life skills and adolescent health. Each session has clear learning objectives that are addressed through a variety of participatory learning activities. Background notes are also provided to enhance the facilitator

Author: Behague S, Christenson K, Martin S, Wysong M

Publication date: 2006

Region: Africa

What's in a Game? An Evaluation of Two Sexuality Education Board Games: Safari of Life and Young Man's Journey

Author: Hendrix-Jenkins A

Publication date: 2002

Region: Africa

A Workplace-Based Life-Planning Skills Training Program for Migrant Youth in Shenzhen, China

Out-of-school adolescent migrants in urban areas are a difficult group to reach. They are also more likely than students to need adolescent sexual and reproductive health information and services. These documents report on a study to evaluate the impact of a work-based training program in life-planning skills conducted with young, unmarried migrants in Shenzhen, China. A full report is provided in English, with summaries in both English and Chinese.

Publication date: August 2005

Region: Asia

Youth and Responsibility Go Hand-in-Hand: A Peer Education Program at Guangzhou University

Guangzhou University is a pilot site of the China Youth Reproductive Health project. This case study describes a peer education program in the university and documents the lessons learned, including the program’s impact, successes, challenges, and students’ reactions. It also provides suggestions for sustaining the program.

Publication date: July 2005

Region: Asia

Youth Exchange Network

This fact sheet describes work to share information and experiences among members of the Youth Exchange Network, a group of organizations working with youth in Nairobi slums.

Publication date: July 2006

Region: Africa

Youth-Friendly Pharmacy Program Implementation Kit: Guidelines and Tools for Implementing a Youth-friendly Reproductive Health Pharmacy Program

The Youth-Friendly Pharmacy Program Implementation Kit is intended to guide the development of a sustainable, pharmacy-based initiative. Organizations can adapt the model and the materials as needed, to suit a variety of environments.

Author: Beitz J; Srimuangboon H; Lion-Coleman A; Transgrud R; Hutchings J; Weldin M

Publication date: 2003

Region: Global

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