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Subject: Health technologies > Newborn health

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Evaluation of a Clean Delivery Kit Intervention in Preventing Cord Infection and Puerperal Sepsis in Mwanza, Tanzania

This is the final research report on the evaluation of clean delivery kits in Tanzania. The purpose of the study was to determine the impact of a delivery kit intervention on reducing cord infection and puerperal sepsis among newborns and their mothers. Study results indicate that use of the clean delivery kit had a positive effect on reducing both cord infection and puerperal sepsis. The effect of the kit on reducing cord infection was much greater than on puerperal sepsis, but both were significant.

Author: Winani S; Coffey P; Wood S; Mosha F; Chirwa T; Changalucha J

Publication date: 2005

Region: Africa

An Investigation Into the Context of Use and Functionality of Neonatal Resuscitator Devices

A HealthTech report evaluating neonatal resuscitators.

Author: Coffey P; Seamans Y; Kelly K

Publication date: 2005

Region: Global

Directions in Global Health (Volume 1, Issue 3)

The September 2004 issue of PATH's programmatic newsletter focuses on five projects: PATH's Children's Vaccine Program, which is strengthening immunization in Senegal, Cambodia, and India; evaluation of the SolarChill refrigerator, which is using solar power to fuel the cold chain; our cervical cancer work in Kenya and Peru, as part of the Alliance for Cervical Cancer Prevention; the Program for Advancement of Commercial Technology–Child and Reproductive Health (PACT-CRH), which is transferring health technologies to India's private sector; and results from three evaluations of clean home delivery kits used in Nepal and Tanzania.

Author: PATH

Publication date: September 2004

Region: Global

Part of series: Directions in Global Health

Annotated Bibliography on Delivery Kits

This annotated bibliography provides a brief summary and citation information for published materials that are relevant to clean-delivery kits.

Author: Wood S

Publication date: 2002

Region: Global

Basic Delivery Kit Guide

This comprehensive manual provides information about multiple aspects of delivery kit projects. Detailed discussions and practical work tools help programs decide whether they should develop a basic delivery kit project -- and, if so, how they can plan, assemble, distribute, and promote the kits. The guide is available for downloading as one large file or as seven smaller files.

Author: Crook B

Publication date: 2001

Region: Global

Clean Delivery Kit Workshop Manual

Publication date: 2000

Region: Global

Clean Delivery Kit Workshop Report Introduction

Publication date: 2000

Region: Global

Nepal Clean Home Delivery Kit: Evaluation of the Health Impact

Author: Tsu V

Publication date: 2000

Region: Asia

PATH Today (Winter 1999)

Publication date: December 1999

Region: Global

Part of series: PATH Today

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