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Directions in Global Health (Volume 1, Issue 3)

The September 2004 issue of PATH's programmatic newsletter focuses on five projects: PATH's Children's Vaccine Program, which is strengthening immunization in Senegal, Cambodia, and India; evaluation of the SolarChill refrigerator, which is using solar power to fuel the cold chain; our cervical cancer work in Kenya and Peru, as part of the Alliance for Cervical Cancer Prevention; the Program for Advancement of Commercial Technology–Child and Reproductive Health (PACT-CRH), which is transferring health technologies to India's private sector; and results from three evaluations of clean home delivery kits used in Nepal and Tanzania.

Author: PATH

Publication date: September 2004

Region: Global

Part of series: Directions in Global Health

Annotated Bibliography on Delivery Kits

This annotated bibliography provides a brief summary and citation information for published materials that are relevant to clean-delivery kits.

Author: Wood S

Publication date: 2002

Region: Global

Basic Delivery Kit Guide

This comprehensive manual provides information about multiple aspects of delivery kit projects. Detailed discussions and practical work tools help programs decide whether they should develop a basic delivery kit project -- and, if so, how they can plan, assemble, distribute, and promote the kits. The guide is available for downloading as one large file or as seven smaller files.

Author: Crook B

Publication date: 2001

Region: Global

Clean Delivery Kit Workshop Manual

Publication date: 2000

Region: Global

Clean Delivery Kit Workshop Report Introduction

Publication date: 2000

Region: Global

Nepal Clean Home Delivery Kit: Evaluation of the Health Impact

Author: Tsu V

Publication date: 2000

Region: Asia

PATH Today (Winter 1999)

Publication date: December 1999

Region: Global

Part of series: PATH Today

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