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Barriers to Access and Use of Public TB Diagnostic Services in Vietnam

This report dissects research results assessing access to and use of public tuberculosis (TB) diagnostic services in nine districts of Vietnam. The report identifies barriers to accessing public-sector TB diagnostic services at the individual, provider, and health system levels.

Publication date: February 2013

Region: Asia

Common Requirements for Logistics Management Information Systems

This document focuses on a method for producing descriptions, models, and figures for logistics management that accurately represent the views and needs of global health professionals. The document can be used by global health practitioners to inform software development related to health systems. Find out more about PATH's work in digital health solutions.

Publication date: September 2010

Region: Global

Developing a Total Market Plan for Family Planning in Vietnam: An Innovative Public and Private Collaboration to Enhance Equity and Sustainability

Since 2009, PATH has been working with government family planning officials to engage stakeholders and apply evidence to develop a total market plan for family planning in light of funding shortfalls. This case study in Vietnam is intended to highlight lessons learned and recommendations for those considering similar initiatives in other settings. It is a sister document to the Nicaragua case study, Developing Total Market Strategies for Family Planning in Nicaragua.

Author: Drake JK

Publication date: 2011

Region: Asia

Emergency Contraception: It's Not Too Late To Prevent Pregnancy

This brochure, which is available in 14 languages, helps health care providers communicate with clients about emergency contraception. The brochure is formatted so that it can be downloaded, printed, photocopied (double-sided), and then folded. There are two versions for each language: one for letter-size paper, the other for A4-size paper. A new version of the brochure will be ready in early 2012.

Publication date: 1998

Region: North America and Europe

Healthy Markets

This fact sheet describes the Healthy Markets project, which is designed to grow the commercial market for HIV-related goods and services to meet the needs of Vietnam's most-at-risk populations. The project offers market and consumer behavior research, policy and regulatory support, technical assistance, and private-sector engagement opportunities to encourage innovation and investment.

Publication date: August 2014

Region: Asia

Public-Private Mix for TB-HIV Control

This fact sheet provides an overview of PATH's work in Vietnam to control tuberculosis and HIV by enhancing referrals from the private sector to existing public-sector prevention and treatment services, thus improving case detection.

Publication date: September 2012

Region: Asia

Strengthening the Quality of Abortion Services in Vietnam

This fact sheet provides an overview of PATH's work to improve the quality of and access to medical abortion services, including post-abortion family planning, at the district level in Vietnam.

Publication date: March 2013

Region: Asia

Stronger Health Advocates, Greater Health Impacts: Tools of the Trade

Advocacy is an effective method to achieve global health goals by ensuring that necessary resources, policies, and political will are available to support important programs. These resources help new and experienced advocates assess policy advocacy options, plan goals and activities, and develop a comprehensive strategy for advocacy impact.

Publication date: February 2015

Region: Africa, Asia, Global