An electronic newsletter from PATH’s vaccine development program

Vaccines for the Future provides quarterly updates on our efforts to accelerate the development of innovative, safe, effective, and affordable vaccines against the leading causes of childhood deaths in developing-world populations, pneumonia (pneumococcal disease) and diarrheal disease (rotavirus, Shigella, enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli), as well as new vaccines for the global population against influenza, meningitis, polio, and respiratory syncytial virus. It includes updates on our progress, partnerships, and specific activities.

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January 2015

  • Subgrant received to support universal influenza vaccine development
  • New funding continues PATH support of Chinese rotavirus vaccine
  • Promising efficacy results for ETEC vaccine/adjuvant combination
  • Advocacy activities support fight against pneumonia
  • Two new projects address vaccine production quality
  • International meeting features polyvalent meningococcal vaccine work
  • RSV symposium highlights PATH’s work and new WHO recommendations
  • Clinical updates
  • New on PATH’s Vaccine Resource Library

October 2014

  • Two new grants support enteric vaccine development
  • Highlights from the 11th International Rotavirus Symposium
  • Extended support to advance promising emerging-country influenza vaccines
  • PATH contributes to new global vaccine advisory committee
  • New funding to enhance production of vaccine components
  • World experts gather to discuss polio vaccine standards
  • Analyzing vaccine supply risks
  • Clinical updates
  • A new look for the Vaccine Resource Library
  • Also@PATH: Accessing, analyzing, and acting upon immunization data

July 2014

  • Launch of Phase 3 study is major step forward for new rotavirus vaccine
  • Positive top-line results for Phase 2 RSV vaccine study announced
  • New partnership aims to improve ETEC vaccine formulation
  • Experts convene to discuss strategies for universal influenza vaccines
  • Clinical updates
  • New multimedia resources highlight diarrheal disease vaccines
  • New on PATH’s Vaccine Resource Library

April 2014

  • Trivalent vaccine construct targets predominant rotavirus strains
  • Shigella vaccine candidate moves toward clinical studies
  • Symposium highlights PATH’s pneumococcal vaccine work
  • Ensuring quality standards for vaccine development
  • Clinical updates
  • Also@PATH: World Malaria Day video highlights work on new vaccine

January 2014

  • New funds support vaccine manufacturing and development
  • Results announced from Phase 1 influenza vaccine trial in Vietnam
  • Phase 1 results advance non-replicating rotavirus vaccine candidate
  • Analysis of polio vaccine costs informs WHO policy
  • PATH’s work on vaccines against diarrhea featured at major conference
  • New on PATH’s Vaccine Resource Library

October 2013

  • PATH partners with Indonesian manufacturer on pneumococcal vaccine
  • Strategy workshop held on developing combined enteric vaccines
  • New international RSV conference convenes with PATH support
  • Continuing assistance to Brazilian and Chinese vaccine manufacturers
  • Clinical updates
  • Also@PATH: Expanding PATH’s reach through Pinterest

July 2013

  • Safe and efficacious new rotavirus vaccine submitted for licensure
  • Vaccine against bacterial diarrhea achieves promising results
  • Research to improve key component for pneumococcal vaccines
  • New partnership advances polyvalent meningitis vaccine project
  • Advancing influenza vaccine manufacturing in Vietnam
  • Meetings discuss ways forward for influenza and RSV vaccines
  • Clinical update
  • New on PATH’s Vaccine Resource Library

April 2013

  • Positive results for bacterial diarrhea vaccine
  • Top-line results for phase 2 trial of RSV vaccine candidate
  • Clinical trials help inform influenza vaccine development and use
  • Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine to begin clinical development
  • VAC endorses polio eradication plan
  • Clinical updates
  • Also@PATH: Convening partners online to defeat diarrheal disease

January 2013

  • Rotavirus vaccine reaches late-stage clinical development
  • New partnership for non-replicating rotavirus vaccine research
  • Promising results for a new pneumococcal vaccine
  • Assisting Chinese and Brazilian vaccine manufacturers
  • New partnership to develop a Shigella vaccine
  • RSV project establishes new research partnership
  • PATH participates in WHO influenza vaccine meeting
  • Clinical update
  • New on PATH’s Vaccine Resource Library

October 2012

  • New partnerships for respiratory syncytial virus vaccine research
  • Technical assistance for polio vaccine development
  • Progress in developing non-replicating rotavirus vaccines
  • Results from the clinical evaluation of a Shigella vaccine
  • PATH sponsors pneumococcal conjugate vaccine conference
  • Clinical updates
  • Also@PATH: Accelerating the introduction of rotavirus vaccines

July 2012

  • New funding for the development of a low-cost PCV
  • Polyvalent meningitis vaccine project establishes new partnership
  • New partnerships target the need for an RSV vaccine
  • Advancing research on broad-coverage influenza vaccines
  • Meetings to advance enteric vaccine development
  • New rotavirus vaccine developers hold annual meeting
  • Assisting Chinese and Brazilian vaccine manufacturers
  • Clinical updates
  • New on PATH's Vaccine Resource Library

April 2012

  • Recent trial results to inform future enteric vaccine studies
  • Key partnership advances evaluation of rotavirus vaccines
  • Supporting Chinese vaccine manufacturers
  • Conference spotlights PATH’s pneumococcal vaccine work
  • Clinical updates
  • Also@PATH: Fighting polio with new vaccine technologies

January 2012

  • New funding includes support for development of polio and rotavirus vaccines
  • Pneumococcal vaccine preclinical proof-of-concept studies to advance under new partnership
  • Respiratory syncytial virus vaccine project establishes new partnership
  • Ensuring effective packaging and delivery of new rotavirus vaccines
  • Clinical updates
  • New on PATH’s Vaccine Resource Library

October 2011

  • PATH-supported vaccine trials seek more efficient ways to control influenza
  • Respiratory syncytial virus vaccine project launches advisory board and web text
  • Symposium convenes to advance pneumococcal vaccine development in China
  • Help spread the word about World Pneumonia Day on November 12
  • Major conference on vaccines against diarrheal diseases features PATH’s work
  • PATH conducts additional formulation training for rotavirus vaccine manufacturers
  • Recent scientific publications
  • Also@PATH: Accelerating malaria vaccine development

July 2011

  • PATH to explore vaccine options for respiratory syncytial virus prevention
  • Review of maternal immunization research highlights benefits
  • First Phase 3 efficacy study of an Indian-made rotavirus vaccine now underway
  • PATH forms new partnerships to investigate non-replicating rotavirus vaccines
  • New clinical trial to study updated Shigella vaccine candidate
  • New reference serum launched to measure immune responses to pneumococcal vaccines
  • New on PATH’s Vaccine Resource Library

April 2011

  • PATH receives new funding to study meningococcal and rotavirus vaccines
  • Clinical trial underway to advance pneumococcal protein vaccines
  • New market assessment report and trial launched for vaccines against leading bacterial causes of diarrhea
  • PATH organizes training session on liquid formulation for rotavirus vaccine candidates
  • Recent scientific publications
  • Also@PATH: Jet injector project achieves key milestone in clinical research

January 2011

  • PATH receives funding to assess new rotavirus vaccine candidates
  • Encouraging trial results for a vaccine candidate against a leading cause of diarrhea
  • Mekong regional health leaders convene to discuss diarrhea control
  • New partnership to advance research on pneumococcal protein vaccines
  • Vietnamese vaccine manufacturer and PATH collaborate to expand influenza vaccine resources
  • PATH’s vaccine development projects add new members to their scientific advisory boards
  • Recent scientific publications
  • New on PATH’s Vaccine Resource Library

October 2010

  • Agreements signed to advance research for broad-coverage influenza vaccines
  • PATH co-sponsors premier influenza conference, puts spotlight on developing-world needs
  • New progress in developing enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli vaccine candidates
  • PATH supports new protein research to broaden protection of pneumococcal vaccines
  • World Pneumonia Day puts spotlight on the number-one killer of children
  • Second clinical lot of rotavirus vaccine candidate completed
  • PATH participates in the International Vaccine Technology Workshop in India
  • Head of Serum Institute of India, Ltd., receives prestigious award
  • Also@PATH: New project to stabilize influenza vaccines for pandemic preparedness
  • New blog from PATH covers vaccines and other interventions to defeat diarrheal disease

July 2010

  • PATH supports two new clinical trials studying enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli vaccine candidates
  • Workshop studies barriers to effective mucosal immunization of developing-world infants
  • Momentum builds in support of pneumonia and pneumococcal disease prevention
  • Exhibition features PATH-supported pneumococcal disease surveillance work in Pakistan
  • PATH partner launches clinical trial of a new rotavirus vaccine candidate for newborns
  • Vaccine manufacturers share resources to advance the development of new rotavirus vaccines
  • PATH forms new partnership to help stretch vaccine supplies in an influenza pandemic
  • Christian Medical College, Vellore hosts first India Vaccinology Course
  • New on PATH’s Vaccine Resource Library

April 2010

  • PATH receives new funding for the development of vaccines against diarrheal disease
  • Research projects advance rotavirus vaccine efforts
  • New research partnership on novel approach to ETEC vaccine
  • Investigators stop trial of Shigella vaccine
  • Visit from top Vietnamese health officials builds dialogue on influenza vaccine production
  • PATH partnerships make strides to advance pneumococcal vaccine technologies
  • Premier conference features PATH's pneumococcal disease prevention work
  • Changes in the pneumococcal vaccine landscape hold promise for developing countries
  • Also@PATH: Working in coalition for policies to accelerate global health research and development

January 2010

  • Project awarded to PATH to help boost influenza vaccine production in Vietnam
  • Promising early results for vaccine against a leading bacterial diarrheal disease
  • Innovative pneumococcal vaccine to advance with PATH support
  • PATH contributes to the global dialogue on pneumococcal disease
  • Partnership established to support vaccine formulation across PATH projects
  • Scientific advisory boards provide strategic guidance to PATH's vaccine development
  • New on PATH's Vaccine Resource Library

October 2009

  • PATH research collaborations support vaccine development against pneumococcal disease
  • New data support action on leading childhood killer
  • Study finds that human challenge model dose can be significantly lowered for future trials
  • New collaboration formed to advance the development of pandemic influenza vaccines
  • PATH staff contribute to literature on influenza
  • China meetings highlight PATH's work on rotavirus vaccine development
  • Also@PATH: Working with the vaccine industry to develop more practical products

July 2009

  • Phase 1 trial begins for enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli vaccine candidate
  • PATH forges new influenza vaccine research partnerships
  • Africa's largest influenza vaccine trial to date launched by PATH and partners
  • PATH enters into new collaborations to develop low-cost pneumococcal vaccines
  • The world's first Advance Market Commitment kicks off to support global access to pneumococcal vaccines
  • New rotavirus vaccine candidate moves closer to clinical trials
  • Stalled progress on a leading childhood killer spurs report and Call to Action
  • Journal article highlights the need for vaccination against deadly diarrheal disease in Africa
  • Vaccine Resource Library highlights

April 2009

  • Phase 1 trial begins for "common protein" pneumococcal vaccine candidate
  • Rwanda launches groundbreaking national immunization program against pneumococcal disease
  • PATH furthers research to support enteric vaccine development
  • Indian rotavirus vaccine candidate featured in Stanford Medicine Magazine
  • PATH co-chairs conference on seasonal and pandemic influenza
  • New agreement to support global access to influenza vaccines
  • PATH participates in panel on novel collaborations to improve global health
  • Also@PATH: Technologies to support vaccine development and delivery

January 2009

  • PATH announces new partnership to develop pandemic influenza vaccine candidate
  • New vaccine development partnerships to help prevent diarrheal diseases
  • New collaborations to develop vaccines against childhood pneumonia
  • PATH presents at World Health Organization meeting on enteric vaccines
  • Maryland biotechnology event features PATH's vaccine development work
  • PATH to participate in international meeting on the evaluation of pandemic influenza vaccines

October 2008

  • PATH forms new partnership to support development of rotavirus vaccine candidate
  • New research to support vaccines against childhood pneumonia
  • PATH joins discussion with Indonesian delegation on avian influenza
  • New collaborations to develop and support vaccine candidates against diarrheal disease
  • Immunization resources at your fingertips

July 2008

  • New partnerships and a successful conference on vaccines against childhood pneumonia
  • Promising results from Bharat Biotech on rotavirus vaccine candidate
  • PATH supports training for rotavirus vaccine manufacturing partner in China
  • New collaboration for developing vaccine against diarrheal disease
  • Working to increase protection against influenza

April 2008

  • New research agreement to develop temperature stable enteric vaccine formulations
  • New collaborations for pneumococcal vaccine development
  • Moving toward increased protection against influenza

January 2008

  • Developing new vaccines against influenza
  • Rotavirus vaccine trial completes enrollment
  • New genome data on developing-world pneumococcal strains
  • Moving toward vaccines against bacterial causes of diarrhea

October 2007

  • Developing new vaccines against diarrheal disease
  • Ramping up against rotavirus
  • Expanding protection against pneumonia
  • Assessing influenza vaccine needs