The Smart Electrochlorinator 200, a small beaker-shaped device for treating water.

View more than 40 technologies such as the Smart Electrochlorinator 200, a portable device for treating drinking water, in our health technologies collection on Flickr.

Our product portfolio brings health within reach, no matter where people live

The health technologies in PATH’s diverse portfolio have a common goal: to improve health for people with limited access to care. With our partners, we design, adapt, develop, evaluate, and advance a full range of technologies for health: vaccines to prevent disease and devices to deliver them, medicines to treat malaria and other maladies that threaten impoverished communities, diagnostics to detect disease, and information technologies to strengthen health systems.

You can view many of the technologies in our development pipeline by visiting our collection on the photo sharing website Flickr. You can also view our technologies by product category:

Woman holding two vials of a sublingual-gel formulation of a vaccine.


User-centered solutions expand immunization effectiveness, efficiency, and safety. View on Flickr.

A hand holding a dose of depo-subQ in a Uniject device.


PATH helps provide safe, affordable, and effective medicines for vulnerable populations. View on Flickr.

Tiny microneedle patch resting on a fingertip.


Simple, cost-effective devices are improving lives in low-resource settings. View on Flickr.


PATH works on low-cost, easy-to-use tests to bring accurate diagnosis to people in low-resource settings. View on Flickr.

Midwife demonstrating an application on a mobile phone.

Information systems

PATH uses information technologies to help strengthen health systems. View on Flickr.

Photos, from top: PATH/Jesse Schubert, PATH/Scott Areman, PATH/Patrick McKern, PATH/Scott Areman, PATH/Glenn Austin, University of Washington/Carl Hartung.