User assistance

See also: User interface: Assembly/disassembly.

  • Operating instructions are not dependent on language or literacy.
  • Primary users can correctly set up and operate device without assistance.
  • Setup, operation, and maintenance instructions are communicated without text and incorporated into product packaging (rather than a separate document).

Key indicators

  • Product setup, operating instructions, and maintenance procedures are minimized and illustrated graphically on product packaging.
  • Critical information may be provided on the device itself.
  • If information is displayed on the product itself, it is effectively permanent over the life of the product (e.g., molded in, rather than adhered).
  • Avoid printed instructions on surfaces subject to cleaning with abrasives.
  • Indicates component assembly order and orientation.
  • Multiple views or photos of the device in its correctly assembled state are included.

Notes and exceptions

  • Graphical assembly instructions could be molded or printed onto product components.

Example assembly instructions for a household water treatment device: five photos that show how the device fits together.

Assembly and use instructions should not require words. Photo: PATH.