Time between maintenance: routine

  • Product maintenance intervals align with the normal household cleaning routines of end users.
  • Product performance is minimally affected by variations in cleaning routines and frequencies.

Key indicators

  • HWTS devices continue to function effectively when cleaned according to local customs.
  • Devices and components stand up to daily cleaning with minimal aesthetic or functional degradation.
  • No tools or special materials are required for routine maintenance.

Notes and exceptions

  • Cleaning habits and frequencies can vary significantly by region and culture.
  • In India, maintenance occurs in two schedules:
    • Daily rinsing and cleaning with varying levels of disassembly.
    • Periodic disassembly and replacement of filter element, pre-filters, etc.
  • Longer routine service and cleaning intervals may not add value for consumers. Users may prefer to clean the filter element and components on a daily basis with other kitchen implements.
  • Product connections and fittings are designed to survive daily assembly and disassembly cycles.
  • Routine maintenance is also addressed under user experience guidelines.

Supporting evidence

A woman stands at a sink, cleaning a household water treatment device.

Some users will clean their devices daily. Photo: PATH.